Custom Test Stations and Test Fixture Solutions for Industry

custom test stationsSince many sectors rely on unit under test solutions to guarantee the proper functioning of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and circuit card assemblies, it is up to the electronic test industry to develop specialized functional test methods for these components (CCAs). In order to guarantee flawless functionality in the workplace, functional testing is routinely employed. The effectiveness, dependability, and safety for the end-user will be determined, along with other factors, through testing. To ensure thorough and accurate testing, unit under test solutions must be as sophisticated as the technology used to create the PCBs and CCAs. Because of the rapid pace at which technology is developing, it is no longer possible to apply a “one size fits all” approach to testing; instead, many industries must turn to custom testing to ensure reliable results.

Wired and Wireless Test Fixtures

When EMC Technologies first opened its doors, the military and defense contractors were its primary clientele. These days, we work with clients from the military, the government, and the private sector to develop and produce wired and wireless custom functional test solutions. Engineers and technicians with years of experience and advanced degrees work together to create cutting-edge products for functional testing in a variety of industries. Additionally to the military, defense, and military subcontractors, we also serve the semiconductor, medical, networking, telecommunications, computer server, satellite TV/IP, and consumer electronics industries.

For aerospace, military, and international missile programs, our team has developed specialized interface test adapters (ITAs). We believe that our wide range of expertise and the many different sectors we serve help us to anticipate changes in testing standards. High speed, tight tolerance, temperature, test racks, and radio frequency test fixtures are just a few of the specialized areas in which we excel in providing unit under test solutions and designing custom functional tests. Our plant in Southeastern Massachusetts features a fully-functional machine shop and an electro-mechanical assembly department that can meet even the most stringent of specifications.

Interface Test Adapters for Industry

Our custom functional test fixtures for the electronic test industry typically involve a device that is intended to communicate with the device under test (DUT) or unit under test (UUT). Together with our clients, our staff of highly educated and skilled engineers incorporates any necessary loads into the design phase and performs any necessary device or unit function corrections during testing. When it comes to quality assurance, we spare no effort, going so far as to design the custom functional test so that it employs the consumer-specific connectors rather than the standard engineered test points on the PCB.

Functional testing for industry requirements and regulations is typically performed by coming to EMC Technologies rather than purchasing a ready-made product. Because there are no universally applicable testing procedures, unique unit under test solutions may need to be developed for a given product, depending on the sector in which it is used. While it may be possible to jerry-rig an existing test to meet a client’s needs, the results may be subpar at best. This is why we recommend starting from scratch when designing and manufacturing solutions for the electronic test industry.

Custom Test Stations and Systems

Prior to production, EMC Technologies offers a wide variety of testing options and solutions, including prototyping and testing, to help our clients achieve their objectives. Unit under test solutions, on the other hand, can be used in production to guarantee uniformity, precision, and functionality. This allows for rapid iteration of fixes in the event of a problem during production, which in turn minimizes lost time and money. Testing can and should be done at a variety of stages throughout production.

You can reach EMC Technologies by dialing 508-672-0808 to inquire about our electronic test industry custom functional test solutions. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing unit under test solutions for a wide variety of industries and clients, and would be happy to discuss functional testing for industry with you in more detail.