custom test solutions for industryProduct developers and manufacturers use functional test fixtures as a final test after a product is manufactured to check for any malfunctions and make sure it performs as it should. Our functional test division at EMC Technologies works with each client to determine their unique needs and requirements when it comes to custom test solutions. We can provide them with a functional test interface and a variety of options that are designed to be used to validate the functionality of pieces of a system or a finished product.

Why is Functional Testing Performed?

In addition to verifying the quality or functionality of a system or product, there are other reasons to perform functional testing. Custom test solutions can be developed to provide testing based on industry requirements or government regulations, as well as based on the company’s business perspectives. There are many different types of products and systems that can be tested with a functional test interface and functional test fixtures. Our functional test division can offer our customers solutions that can be used to evaluate the validity of analog, digital, and hybrid printed circuit boards (PCBs), depending on the needs of the client.

The manufacturing industry is by far the most significant client base for our functional test fixtures and solutions. To best meet their unique needs, a specification document is used to verify that the requirements of the product are met according to the way that it will be used by the consumer or end user. Functional testing is an essential tool for many different industries, including military and defense. EMC Technologies specializes in designing custom test solutions for these industries in particular. Our company launched as a primary developer of functional test interface services for military and defense clients. We have since branched out to serve other industries, including telecommunications, medical, and manufacturing.

Many Types of Functional Test Fixtures

Depending on the needs of the client, there are many options for functional test fixtures. The equipment that is used by the client to serve various industries and fields, such as communications, avionics, and electronic devices, must be validated to ensure the safety and quality of the finished product or system. Our functional test division can offer testing of many types, including user acceptance, systems testing, and functional test interface solutions. If a failure is detected, the client can determine if it would cause any problems with the components or the operation of the overall project, system, or product, and figure out a solution to correct the issue.

The primary purpose of functional test fixtures is to:

  • ensure that all parts of the system are working together effectively with all other components as they were designed
  • validate that the product or system is free from faults that could impact the usefulness of the finished product
  • detect any issues that could arise with the assembly of a component or parts
  • guarantee the quality and safety of the product or system for the end user

The Benefits of Custom Test Solutions

While there are some manufacturers who might benefit from an “off the shelf” solution for functional test fixtures, most of our clients seek out custom test solutions due to the nature of the products or systems that they are developing. Our functional test division works to ensure that all of the necessary conditions are met to satisfy the end user, reduce risks for the client, and prevent losses associated with a failure in the finished product. Other benefits include quality improvement, the ability to guarantee the safety of the product, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all components of the finished product are functioning as expected for optimal results.

Other advantages of functional test interface solutions are that they provide the client with reliable, repeatable results that can be used to test products, components, and systems over and over again. Since the same setup will be used each time, the custom test solutions are designed to provide consistent testing for quality assurance. Further customization can be added to functional test fixtures to allow for more flexibility, providing clients with the option to make changes as needed to account for new models or variations in products that are similar. This can help to increase the return on investment, making custom functional test fixtures even more cost-effective for the company.

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