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Custom Test Solutions for Mobile and Universal Test Stations

Custom Test SolutionsOne of the areas where EMC Technologies really stands out from other electronic test industry services is with our custom design and manufacturing of testing solutions. We engineer and manufacture custom test solutions for a wide range of applications to meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in wireless and wired functional test interface equipment that is used to test printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies.

Some of our most recent commercial applications include custom engineering for clients who work in the telecommunications, networking, computer server, medical, and satellite TV/IP industries. We also have experience designing highly custom and sophisticated interface test adapters (ITAs) for the military and defense industries. Military airplane programs, multinational missile programs, and military subcontracted projects are just some of the areas that we have worked in at our ITAR Registered facility.

The Latest Testing Requirements

Our work with these high-tech, advanced industries has helped us not just to stay current with the latest requirements for the electronic test industry but to excel at what we do and stay ahead of the curve. The knowledge, experience, and techniques that we have developed through our work have helped us to provide even better services for our clients who work in other industries. Having such a wide demographic of customers who demand solutions for challenging products has helped us to stay on top of the latest advancements in the industry. We are extremely proficient in the areas of temperature, tight tolerance, test racks, high speed, and RF test fixtures.

Our custom test solutions are essential; however, we also stock a full line of mass interconnect test products. Some of those products include receivers, kits, and blocks. EMC Technologies also sells a full line of functional test products for VXI and PXI applications. Our team utilizes Virginia Panel, Agilent, Teradyne, and other interface connectors as platforms. We can provide a complete turn-key solution for all of your test interface needs because of our ability to supply all of the equipment and full electrical and manufacturing support to our clients. We are indeed a one-stop-shop, whether you require custom design and manufacturing or a customized solution made from top quality products.

Highly Flexible Test Solutions – Many of our clients require custom test solutions that are highly flexible, cost-effective, easy to adapt to complex or high-volume testing situations. Other clients have other needs, such as acceptance testing to ensure that their suppliers are providing them with components that meet their rigorous internal requirements. It is our job to meet the demands of each client to provide them with the custom design and manufacturing for either mobile test station or universal test station solutions, based on their unique industry. So whether that means creating custom options to meet constraints for time, test, and cost or to ensure that a wide variety of selections can be made without making a significant investment, we are up to the challenge.

Mobile Test Station Solutions

At EMC Technologies, some of our clients prefer that we use a mobile test station for their custom test solutions. There are many advantages to this approach, such as reduced costs due to maximum use of “off the shelf” parts and components and a reduction of custom design and manufacturing. Other benefits include the use of a built-in computer, monitor, and test interfaces, as well as modular options for electrical and mechanical interfaces.

Clients can choose capabilities, such as a built-in network and fiber optic capabilities or designated expansion areas with easy-to-use adapter panels and plates. Mobile test station solutions are built to be well-organized and documented with regard to all station wiring and configurations. Our team designs quick access to all inside resources and maximizes the use of the test floor area.

Universal Test Station Solutions

On the other hand, many of our clients also prefer the universal test station approach, which also has many advantages. Moving from a benchtop solution to a rack-based station helps our clients who have the ability to use the same test resources for new products as they used for legacy counterparts to save money and reduce test development times. A universal test station can provide developers with precision testing solutions, the ability to expand their testing capabilities, and to also save money for similar configurations.

Some of the other advantages include front slide-out rack shelving, which can be used for easy instrument removal to assist with frequent calibration. This can make keeping up with calibration requirements a lot easier than closed systems. Other fixtures can be interchanged with the center fixture receiver and each part uses small “daughter” cards, which can interface with the test station for faster adaptability. In addition, soft tie downs and harnessing helps to provide better organization for wires to quickly access or expand the custom test solutions.

Contact EMC Technologies for Custom Test Solutions

If you are interested in learning more about our options for custom design and manufacturing of functional test fixtures, adapters, components, mobile test station, and universal test station custom test solutions, contact our team at 508-672-0808. We are ITAR Registered to meet the needs of our military and defense clients and are proud to have received the ISO 9001:2015 certification to better meet the needs of our customers. Call today for a FREE estimate for our services or to submit an order right away.