custom test solutionsMany of today’s tech-driven industries rely heavily on custom test solutions for industry safety regulations and requirements. In addition to testing to ensure the quality of the product to protect the brand, there are certain legal demands that must also be met. In many cases, in particular, with a new technology or device, a custom functional test is required in order to achieve a client’s needs. Functional test fixtures – both discretely wired and wireless – are just some of the work that we do at EMC Technologies. Our custom test division works with clients to design and manufacture test fixtures that are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies.

Our body of work has been very diverse, as we have expanded our partnerships to many demanding industries throughout the years. While EMC Technologies launched as a provider of custom test solutions for military and defense contractors, we have grown to work with computer servers, telecommunications, satellite TV/IP, medical devices and technologies, networking, and aerospace. We strongly believe that our wide variety of customers and the ability to accept and succeed at developing solutions for challenging products has helped us to stay current with all of the latest testing strategies and requirements. This is a significant advantage for our team, but also for our clients who benefit from our gained knowledge and experience in these areas.

Interface Test Adapters (ITAs)

We work with many different types of custom functional test fixtures for our customers. Some of the areas where we have accumulated a lot of experience include the development of custom backplane PCB ITAs for power and ground connections, as well as custom utility board PCBs with additional loads, relays, and other essential requirements. We have become extremely proficient in our use of removable access panels and redundant interfaces with multiple connections to a single point. Our team has developed highly customized ITAs to support military, aerospace, and subcontracted military programs, including multinational missile defense for our military clients.

Some of the specific areas of proficiency include high speed, tight tolerance, temperature extremes, test racks, and radio frequency (RF) test fixtures. We can meet the need for custom test solutions for industry of any client, stocking a full line of mass interconnect test products, including receivers, kits, and blocks. We can also offer turn-key solutions for functional test fixtures by supplying all of the equipment and providing full electrical and manufacturing support for Virginia Panel, Agilent, Teradyne, and other interface/connectors as platforms. We sell a full line of functional test products for both VXI and PXI applications to meet the growing needs and demands of our customers.

Why Choose Custom Test Solutions for Industry

The fastest-growing industry tech advancements rely heavily on custom functional test fixtures to verify the products that they are developing. Used for many different types of products, custom functional test solutions use a combination of discretely wired and wireless testing for Research and Development (R&D) and to test and measure products throughout manufacturing. There are many standard options for industry testing available for customers who don’t require custom test solutions for industry, but the advanced work that our custom test division does is what makes the most significant impact on the testing industry. We create customizations for our clients to help define new standards and develop new testing procedures for technology innovations.

EMC Technologies works with each client on a case-by-case basis, partnering with them to develop new test gear and custom test solutions for industry that will help to advance wireless functional testing as a whole. Our team of engineers and technicians work with many different industries, all of which benefits every client through our gained knowledge and experience of their diversified technology demands. Many of the technology trends that impact a single industry will ultimately cross-over and become instrumental in another, thanks to advancements made by our custom functional test division. Mobile communications and wireless functional testing is helpful in the development of 5G technology and other advancements made to Wi-Fi and the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) industries. These are just a few examples of the custom test solutions that we have worked on here at EMC Technologies.

ITAR Registered and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Our team goes above and beyond to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to custom test solutions and functional test fixtures. Our engineers and technicians are highly trained, certified, and continue their education within our standard and custom test division. We have worked hard to achieve the ISO 9001: 2015 certification to ensure top quality results for every customer that we serve. Our ITAR Registered status makes us eligible to continue accepting military, defense, aerospace, and military defense subcontractors as clients. To learn more about our custom test solutions for industry, give us a call at 508-672-0808 and speak with one of our team members about your unique testing needs.