Custom Test Solutions for Industrial Functional Test Fixtures

custom electronic test solutionsFunctional test fixtures are used to confirm that a particular product, part, or component is devoid of any faults that might compromise its functionality inside a system application. Due to new technology or a product’s special requirements, custom testing solutions are sometimes necessary. In order to check the operation and behavior of a printed circuit board or PCB, wireless test fixtures – and, in some situations, discreetly connected test fixtures – are employed to conduct testing. EMC Technologies is relied upon by several sectors to satisfy their demands for specialized functional test equipment and solutions. The sooner we can begin collaborating with a customer on the creation of unique testing solutions, the better the final outcome will be.

Custom Functional Testing

Through our work with the military, aerospace, defense, and other sophisticated industries, our team has been able to design and produce highly customized interface test adapters or ITAs to assist the implementation of specialized testing solutions. We think that by having a wide variety of demanding clients and difficult goods, our team will be able to keep up with the most recent testing needs. In addition, improved training for every member of our team, including engineers and technicians, allows us to prepare for the future. Smaller objectives, quicker speeds, new technology, and a rise in business outsourcing are just some of the issues that we and our clients will encounter in the future.

Using the test point or connection, the functional test interface is connected directly to the PCB being tested. The purpose of the testing is to simulate the electrical environment for which the printed circuit board was built and intended. Based on the requirements of the project and the customer, there are both simple and complex functional test fixtures that may be used to test the PCB and perform a variety of operational tests. It is crucial that the custom testing solutions mimic the product’s intended operational environment. This eliminates the need for a more expensive solution, saving both time and money throughout the development process.

CCA Performance Verification

EMC Technologies collaborates with each customer to design individualized testing solutions for testing printed circuit boards and other subcomponents. The more closely we can collaborate with each customer through the expertise, knowledge, and abilities of our engineering team, the more effectively we can design functional test fixtures to satisfy their specifications and any applicable industry standards. A well designed testing solution will be able to examine all of the essential components of the product’s design and functionality in order to boost productivity and deliver more effective and efficient results. As technology develops and evolves in the future, further alternatives may be made accessible to permit the testing of similar items to increase the client’s value and productivity.

Our designers can meet printed circuit board requirements ranging from simple double-sided items to more intricate multi-layer designs. The customer can furnish us with their needs and have our PCB engineers and technicians construct the PCBs totally in-house, or we can produce them straight from their specifications. The design and fabrication of printed circuit boards are key components of the functional test interface adapter, for which we employ the PADS and Allegro formats. This allows us to dramatically cut debugging time, manufacture more cost-effective exact replicas of interface test adapters, and ensure that high-volume testing is easy to maintain for improved results.

Functional Test Fixtures

Contact EMC Technologies at 508-672-0808 if you are interested in learning more about our bespoke testing solutions or would like to chat with a member of our engineering team about your needs for functional test fixtures. We are headquartered in Southern Massachusetts and service customers across New England, the United States, and the world. We may construct unique wireless test setups that are tailored to your exact specifications. Contact today for a free quote or to begin working with one of our sales engineers to get your bespoke testing project off the ground.