Custom Solutions to Test Radiofrequency Equipment for Industry

test radiofrequency equipmentHere at EMC Technologies, one of the many things we do well is making unique functional test devices that are designed to test radiofrequency equipment. For testing RF circuit parts and microwave sub-assemblies, our team has made a number of test modules and test stations. Depending on the type of unit being tested and how the finished product will be used, this can be very hard to do.

A full six-sided metal box covered with EMI shielded gaskets and radiofrequency (RF) silicone to keep the unit being tested from electromagnetic interference is one of the methods and strategies we use for these designs. Engineers and workers on our team are very well trained and go the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs when it comes to radiofrequency testing.

Radiofrequency Testing Solutions

We have a lot of experience making unique functional test fixtures because we work with a lot of clients from a lot of different high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, network, satellite TV/IP, consumer goods, industrial, military, and military defense. Custom designs are also used for some of the things we’ve made to help our clients solve problems with radiofrequency tests and RF circuit setups. Some of the things we’ve used are semi-rigid triple protected coax tensolite cables, rigid coax cables named by lab, and coax switches. We used matched impedance traces for SMA and BNC plugs in the printed circuit board (PCB) design. Rogers Material was used to make the PCBs, and we also added RF rotary switches and power monitors to our plans.

For many of the unique radiofrequency testing jobs that EMC Technologies has done, we have worked with our clients to create and build pay guide adapters just for those jobs. Mobile communications, such as data, voice, and wireless LAN, keep asking for more channel capacity. This has made testing even harder for makers. Custom functional test setups are made to help find interference issues and fix them before a design or prototype is made. This saves time and money and works to protect the client’s brand and image for giving clients high-quality products. Even though they don’t happen very often, some mixtures of interference can really mess up signal processing and need to be fixed through engineering and design.

Microwave Sub-Assemblies and EMI Shielded Gaskets

Electromagnetic radiation can be a big problem for engineers who have to follow rules set by the government and the business. Designs must be able to work together in settings with a lot of spectral information, and they must pass official approval tests before they can be made. Radiofrequency testing of RF circuit parts needs to be done as soon as possible so that makers can meet their time and cost goals. Working well with radiofrequency testing solutions has helped us quickly and easily make useful test tools and systems for our clients. These help them find and fix interference problems early in the design process, which saves them time and money.

Over the years, our engineers have become very good at testing for high speed, temperature, and radiation because we’ve mostly worked with clients in businesses that are very demanding. For electromagnetic interference tests, the data and setups are very specific and very different from what is needed for regular analysis. We were able to improve RF performance, useful capability, and other factors by learning how to deal with common problems that come up with RF circuit parts. As new technologies come out, EMC Technologies will be ready to help our clients with testing problems to make sure that the results are true and can be repeated.

We Test Radiofrequency Equipment in MA

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