Custom Product Testing and Performance Verification Testing

performance verification testingPrinted circuit boards (PCBs), used in applications across many different industries, come in a wide range of sizes and shapes but share one essential quality: they must function flawlessly and as intended. PCBs and PCB assemblies, also known as circuit card assemblies, are designed to undergo testing in the industry to confirm their functionality (CCAs). Depending on the PCB’s function, a custom functional test for industry will establish not only the product’s efficacy but also its safety. Printed circuit boards are complex, so so too must be their testing procedures. Because of this, CCA performance verification in business was created. A one-size-fits-all approach to functional testing is rarely viable in this industry, so specialized solutions are often required. At EMC Technologies, we provide individualized service by developing functional test solutions for each of our clients based on their unique requirements.

Specialized Test Solutions

One of the keys to our success in the testing solutions industry is our ability to work closely with each client to develop individualized PCB testing solutions. Our ability to save the client time and money while still effectively satisfying all of their needs improves with the earlier in the process we are able to engage in prototyping for manufacturing. Verification of CCA performance is essential for the value of the final product, not only for safety reasons but also for brand protection. Manufacturing companies rely heavily on custom functional tests for the advancement of military, commercial, and consumer electronics, as well as avionics, commercial, and industrial electronics, and military defensive advancements.

To ensure the highest possible return on investment, it is essential that each PCB is thoroughly inspected and tested in accordance with the project’s intended use, operating environment, and other performance standards. Industry testing solutions must keep up with these shifts and be willing to adjust their approach as needed. Many years have passed since a straightforward testing strategy for PCBs was feasible. Many manufacturers now have to adjust to smaller goals, tighter tolerances, and larger firm outsourcing as they supply OEM machinery and devices with replacement parts. Testing prototypes can help reduce costs, especially if improvements are needed to address flaws and faults before production begins.

Performance Verification Testing

Anyone who has spent significant time working with printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the development and manufacturing stages knows that many things can go wrong at the initial design stage. Error and failure testing for these well-known issues must be a part of any PCB testing solution if we’re to prevent expensive design defects in the lead-up to mass production. Problems include soldering that isn’t even, missing electrical parts, and faulty connections. Misaligned or broken electrical components, missing non-electrical components, and faulty electrical components are also possible causes of problems. While a human inspector can help find some problems, others can only be found through rigorous CCA performance verification. Complete testing requires testing at every stage of production and again after it’s finished.

Less time and money will be wasted throughout production if problems are discovered early on. Ignoring a problem can lead to serious consequences, including risk to people’s health and the reputation of a company’s products. The most common PCB testing methods are in-circuit testing (ICT) and functional testing. Depending on the unit being tested, specific functional tests may need to be developed to meet industry standards (UUT). EMC Technologies is a leader in developing custom testing solutions for a wide variety of industries. Functional testing should be conducted in a setting that is representative of the final product’s environment. Temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, test racks, and RF test fixtures are just some of the obstacles that may need to be surmounted during the course of a project. We have a team of highly trained engineers and technicians who work with each individual client to determine their unique needs and specifications. For more information on our CCA performance verification services and other types of industrial testing solutions, please contact us at 508-672-0808.