Custom Printed Circuit Board Design & Manufacturing Services

printed circuit board design and manufacturingIn addition to providing services designed to support custom functional testing for a wide range of professional industries and military clients, EMC Technologies also offers custom printed circuit board design and manufacturing services. A printed circuit board is a reliable and durable design for a physical circuit that is an essential component of most electronic devices, including advanced systems for avionics, military and defense, telecommunications, medical electronics, and more. Made from a very thin substrate board that has been embedded with electronic components that are connected with copper interconnecting traces. Software and a team of PCB engineers are used to provide proper placement and routing for the best possible results in our PCB test fixtures for CCA performance verification and industry-based testing services.

Different Types of Printed Circuit Boards

There are many different types of printed circuit boards, including a simple single-sided designs, double-sided designs, and multilayer PCBs. There are also rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards, depending on the unique demands and requirements of the manufacturing project. The single-sided PCB is by far the most common type of printed circuit board in use today, featuring a single layer of conductive copper above the substrate layer. On one side of the board, the various electrical components are placed or soldered, and the entire etched circuit is visible on the other side. They are cost-effective and very easy to manufacture but cannot intersect or overlap paths, meaning that they can take up a lot of space inside more complex systems.

Double-sided custom printed circuit board design is used for more advanced systems, including cell phones, power monitoring, printed circuit board testing equipment, HVAC applications, and other similar projects. It has a reduced size, which makes the circuit more compact than the single-sided options, is available at a low cost, and offers an increased circuit density. Multilayer printed circuit boards and commonly used here at EMC Technologies and consist of more than two copper layers in a layered sandwich fashion with conductive, substrate, and insulating materials sheets. These layers are bonded and laminated together to ensure that there are no gaps for a more stable and beneficial completed PCB. Used for mobile phones, medical equipment, computers, and other more complex circuits and devices, our team can assist in the design and manufacture of multilayer PCBs.

Contract Manufacturing at EMC Tech

In addition to our design and manufacturing services for custom CCA performance verification test fixtures, our team can also offer contract manufacturing in its true meaning. Our engineering and design team goes above and beyond the basic box approach used by other contract designers and manufacturers. We offer full service contract design and manufacturing, addressing your project as a complete system. Our team takes into consideration the evaluation of package limitations, dimensioning and tolerance issues, interfacing conditions, environmental constraints, and mounting requirements. To assist our clients, custom printed circuit board design and manufacturing can be performed using our electro-mechanical design for the many industries we serve.

Machining and prototyping, including fabrication of nearly any machined part, can all be done in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. We can even support a full turn-key project that includes professional engineering services and assembly or a simple Build to Print machined prototype, depending on your needs. For our PCB test fixtures, printed circuit board designs can accommodate a wide range of requirements, ranging from simple double-sided to more complex multilayer designs. All of this can be accomplished directly from the customer’s specifications or developed entirely by our team here at EMC Technologies, depending on the client’s preferences. Our PCB designs are available in either PADS or Allegro format for the support of printed circuit board testing and CCA performance verification in custom functional test environments.

Contact EMC Technologies for PCB Design & Assembly

Our team uses the ability to provide designing and manufacturing services for printed circuit boards as an integral component of the interface adapter. Depending on the industry served and the individual product itself, we might do this to enhance greater signal integrity and repeatability for the purpose of reducing debugging time or to create faster, less costly exact duplicates of the ITAs themselves. Other benefits can include better organization of relays, power and ground busses, and signal conditioning components for easier maintenance of high-volume testing. Contact our team by calling 508-672-0808 to learn more about all of the services we provide for custom printed circuit board design and manufacturing.