Custom PCB DesignsWhen it comes to the design and manufacture of custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) for an electronic or electrical system, product designers need to weigh the pros and cons. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about custom PCB designs that can cause developers to shy away from the use of customized solutions. The good news is that the pros outweigh any cons that you might imagine – including cost. When you work with a service provider like EMC Technologies that has a lot of experience work with printed circuit board manufacturing for double-sided PCB design, multilayer printed circuit boards, and other complex solutions, you can count on our team to develop solutions that are right for you.

Highly-Trained Engineers and Technicians

One of the reasons for our success is that we seek out top talent and continue developing skills, experience, and knowledge within our team. We employ a variety of engineers, technicians, and other skilled staff who are dedicated to the development of custom PCB designs and printed circuit board manufacturing for our clients. Composed of mechanical, electrical, and PCB engineers and technicians, we work with the latest tools and equipment. Even our sales and customer support group includes sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers to provide our clients with the most comprehensive services from start to finish.

All aspects of our projects run smoothly and efficiently due to our extensive use of project managers. Each client is partnered with a project manager who works as our coordination and communication link, connecting the client with our sales, design, engineering, and testing departments. We do this to ensure quality results and to provide satisfaction for our customers. Every single member of our team, from sales to testing, receives continuous training to ensure their expertise on the ever-changing technologies that are inherent to the industry that we serve. Our customers consider us to be a partner in their test challenges, and we take pride in the loyalty that we have earned over the years. We face these testing challenges together head-on, addressing smaller targets, faster speeds, and new technologies.

Contract Manufacturing Services

We are proud of our ability to provide our clients with contract manufacturing for electro-mechanical assembly and custom PCB designs. Printed circuit board manufacturing, design, assembly, and testing are available and instrumental in the success of many different industries. Whether you require a basic design, double-sided PCB design, or multilayer printed circuit boards, our team can help you achieve your goals. From simple projects to the most complex fixtures, EMC Technologies can deliver superior solutions for all of your needs. Our engineering department goes far beyond the basic box approach delivered by many contract designers and manufacturers in the industry. We are proud to offer full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning.

Our engineering team will address your project as a complete system, keeping the focus on the intended use of the finished product. Some of the areas that our services focus on include the evaluation of package limitations, interfacing conditions, dimensioning and tolerance issues, environmental constraints, and mounting requirements. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians will apply our mastery in electro-mechanical design to meet the demands of clients who serve some of the most complex and sensitive industries in the world, including avionics, military, communications, medical, and industrial. Speak with one of our representatives to learn more about the services that we can provide that will address your specific industry needs and provide you with the solutions you require to meet your goals.

Custom PCB Designs & Assembly

The designs that we provide at EMC Technologies can accommodate just about any client requirement. We have worked on simple double-sided PCB design for specific applications, as well as complex multilayer printed circuit boards for advanced technologies and development. The designs that we create can be accomplished directly from the customer’s specifications or developed entirely in-house by our engineers and designers. We provide custom PCB designs in either PADS or Allegro format to ensure industry standards and requirements. We utilize printed circuit board manufacturing as an integral component of interface test adapters to meet the demands of our clients.

Through the development of our own custom PCB designs in-house, we are able to make marked improvements for our customers, including greater signal integrity and repeatability. These advancements help to create faster, less expensive exact duplicates, reduce debugging time, provide for better organization of relays, power and ground busses, and signal conditioning components, and offer easier maintenance solutions for high-volume testing. If you are interested in learning more about EMC Technologies and the services that we offer, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions you might have about printed circuit board manufacturing and any of the other custom function test solutions and services that we provide at our Fall River, Massachusetts facility.