Custom Functional Testing Solutions for High-Tech Industries

high tech industry solutionsWhile we serve many different industries here at EMC Technologies in addition to military and military contractor clients, we provide a significant amount of custom functional testing solutions for high-tech industries. This includes commercial and consumer-based products, as well as industrial technologies, all of which require functional test fixtures to ensure performance, quality, and consistency for their products. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work with clients to design and manufacture wireless and wired functional test interface equipment to test the performance of printed circuit boards and circuit assemblies. We have worked with many different types of applications over the years, which has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of the electronic test industry.

Commercial Applications for Custom Functional Testing

Some of the recent work that we have done for our commercial clients includes groundbreaking projects that support multiple high-tech industries. Satellite TV/IP, networking, telecommunications, computer servers, and the medical device industry are just a few of the areas where we have become quite proficient. Custom testing solutions for these industries is done alongside the projects that we work on for some of our most loyal customers, including the development of highly custom interface test adapters to support military airplane programs and multinational missile programs.

At EMC Technologies, we strongly believe that by having such a wide array of demanding customers and challenging products, we are able to stay current with the latest testing advancements. Some of the specific types of work that we have done have addressed issues like temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, test racks, and even radiofrequency (RF) functional test fixtures. For many of the industries that we serve, custom functional testing is the only way to accurately test the performance of the products, components, and large-scale projects that they are working on due to the advanced nature of the technology used to create them.

Experienced Engineers and Technicians

One of the secrets to our success is our continued investment in advanced technology and the best and brightest employees in the industry. Our staff includes mechanical, printed circuit board, and electrical engineers and technicians who all work with the latest design tools and equipment. Even our sales support team includes professional sales engineers, experienced applications engineers, and talented technical project managers. We assign a project manager to work as the communications and coordination link between the client and each of our departments, which include sales, design, engineering, and testing.

The reason we work in this manner is to ensure that there is one single line of communication to avoid misunderstandings and other potential issues that could result in delays. This approach keeps all aspects of our projects working as smoothly and efficiently as possible in order to earn the satisfaction of our clients. Every single member of our team, from sales to testing, receives continuous training to ensure that they are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the ever-changing technologies that are inherent to the electronic test industry. We are proud to partner with our clients in their test challenges, and we take pride in the loyalty that we have earned over the years. We look forward to all of the challenges that we will face together to create custom testing solutions for industry.

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If you are interested in learning more about what we do and the custom functional testing experience that we have within the electronic test industry, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, ITAR registered, and have many years of experience designing and manufacturing custom testing solutions for our clients all across the country and around the globe. We design and manufacture wired and wireless functional test fixtures for our clients and strive to always meet or exceed our customers’ stringent requirements in innovation, fabrication, and time-to-market. Contact our team today to get a FREE estimate for our services or speak with one of our friendly technicians or engineers about your unique needs and requirements for performance testing. We can answer any questions you might have or assist you in working with our sales and engineering departments.