Custom Functional Testing: Designed to Support Industry Demand

custom functional testing for industryThere are many reasons why a client might come to EMC Technologies in search of custom options for specialized test solutions. Custom functional testing is essential for many different industries and can be designed to support specific production requirements to ensure quality and consistent manufacturing. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians work with each client to develop functional testing for industry according to their unique needs and specifications. From the development of highly customized functional test interface test adapters to complete test systems and specific-test solutions, we can help them to achieve their goals and meet the strictest regulations.

What We Do

EMC Technologies designs and manufactures discretely wired functional test fixtures. These specialized test solutions are used for the performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and circuit card assemblies (CCAs) for a wide variety of applications. We serve many different industries, each as unique and demanding as the next. Some of the clients we serve are working in the telecommunications, networking, medical, computer server, satellite TV/IP, and various areas of military and defense industries. Our team has developed highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) for military airplane programs and custom functional testing solutions for multinational missile programs for our military and subcontractor military clients. We believe that by having such a variety of demanding customers and challenging products, we are able to stay current with the latest testing advancements.

Some of the specific areas of proficiency that we have with functional testing for industry includes temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, radiofrequency (RF) text fixtures, and a variety of unique test racks. Universal, mobile, and test-specific solutions can be created to provide the stringent testing required by our clients. Our facility is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and includes a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department, which is capable of managing even the most demanding requirements. We rely heavily on the skills, knowledge, and training of our team members, which includes mechanical, electrical, and PCB engineers and technicians who all work with the latest design tools and equipment. Even our sales team includes experts within the functional test industry field, such as sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers.

A True Partnership

One of the reasons for our success in the development of highly custom and specialized test solutions is our ability to work with each client beginning at the development phase to help them achieve their goals. Our project managers work as the primary coordination and communication link between the various departments and the client, including sales, design, engineering, and testing. This helps us to smooth out the communications to ensure that everything runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our mission is to provide each client with the utmost satisfaction to meet or exceed their expectations. Every single member of our team, from the sales department on to final testing, receives continuous training to ensure they are on the cutting edge of the ever-changing technologies inherent in the electronic test industry.

Military, defense, and commercial clients alike trust EMC Technologies for all of their custom functional testing needs. Our knowledge and experience within the industry and use of the latest tools and technologies to achieve our goals help to separate us from other similar providers in the functional test interface industry. From our highly customized interface test adapters to support military, aerospace, and subcontracted military programs to our advanced work with functional testing for industry, including telecommunications and networking, help us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest testing strategies. We are proud of the project that we have worked on, the repeat business that we have earned from our customers, and the future that we are forging together to meet each challenge as it presents itself. Our strength and competitive advantage lies in our cross-functional engineering team and their commitment to helping each customer to achieve their unique testing goals.

Contact EMC Technologies

Interested in learning more about our custom functional testing design and manufacturing services at EMC Technologies? Contact our team directly to discuss your needs for specialized test solutions and other functional testing for industry. You can reach us at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility by calling 508-672-0808 or leaving a message for one of our team members via the contact section of our website.