functional test fixtureAs consumer electronics continue to advance and evolve, the technology used for custom functional test must also be prepared to change. The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has led to an increased demand for custom testing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of these interconnected electronics devices. EMC Technologies works directly with each client to develop a functional test fixture solution for use with a universal or mobile test station that will best meet their needs. Smart devices, highly regulated standards-compliant electronics, and changes in industry hardware and software design have all made the testing requirements increasingly challenging.

Testing at Every Step of Development

Whether the client is designing a wireless chipset or integrating it into a smartphone, testing is required at every stage of development. This approach helps to save valuable time and money, protecting the brand and reputation, while enabling companies to get new product lines out to customers on time. The integration of advanced technologies and interconnected devices that support the Internet of Things (IoT) developments relies heavily on custom testing solutions. While some products can be tested on a general functional test fixture, much of this new technology relies on custom functional test solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the device.

Smaller, smarter, and tighter tolerances are just some of the challenges that we help our clients face at EMC Technologies. Each product that is developed for consumers and goes to market must be tested not just for functionality and performance, but also for safety. The tests provided for consumer electronics are done typically at multiple stages within the design and development process. This helps engineers and manufacturers to overcome issues that might not have been obvious in previous stages of design while maintaining quality and consistency all the way through to end-of-line production testing.

Complete Products and Components

In addition to testing full products for our customers with universal and mobile test station options, our custom testing solutions can be used to also test individual components. Manufacturers who are responsible for a single component within a larger project or product require validation testing and in-process testing as well prior to the completion of end-of-line production tests. Custom functional test for validation of functionality must be performed for chipsets to ensure that they conform to wireless standards and compliance within EMI/EMC regulations.

For overall product development, once the components pass all of the required functional test fixture certifications, the entire product is then tested before it is mass-produced and enters the consumer market. The level of testing that is required to meet certain testing specifications and requirements throughout the different phases can be overwhelming. However, quality level testing should also take place during the production process, and when each function of the product is combined into the unit as a package. This helps to protect the company brand and reputation from selling faulty devices that might reflect negatively on the business.

Additional Challenges for Consumer Products

Custom testing solutions are used for all components, parts, and complete products, but there are other challenges that must be considered as well. The packaging of today’s consumer electronics devices must also be used to perform a custom functional test to ensure that the device functions as it should. Tests performed for consumer products are just as essential as this type of testing for automotive, military and defense, automotive, telecommunications, networking devices, and other similar industries.

Consumers are demanding smaller, low-power consumption, and more cost-effective products with wireless connectivity and interactivity with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The challenges posed by these demands can make it difficult for many functional test fixture design and manufacturing facilities to keep up and provide comprehensive testing solutions. It begins at the research and development (R&D) phase and continues throughout production and end-of-line production to ensure a high-quality, reliable, and functioning finished product.

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