Custom Functional Test Division for Medical Electronic Devices

medical electronic devices testingOur specialized functional test division provides solutions to a wide range of sectors so they can test their products in the lab, in production, and in the field. For the electronic test business, we develop and provide discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that are used to verify the functionality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies. The biomedical or medical device industry, which creates a broad spectrum of medical electronic devices used for patient care, is one of the industries we are delighted to service. Depending on their particular needs and specifications, we offer a range of services to our clients, such as the design of test systems and integration solutions, custom cables, RF functional test rigs, and more.

Medical Test Industry Solutions

The engineers and technicians at EMC Technologies have all worked for many years designing and developing unique functional test fixtures for our medical device industry clients. Defibrillators, portable EKG systems, cardiovascular devices, patient drug delivery devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring systems are a few of the machines that need the assistance of our functional test section. Our group can assist producers in developing workable solutions for the electronic testing sector, enabling them to guarantee the security, efficiency, and compliance of the equipment they are producing with industry norms.

We take great pride in collaborating with several businesses to contribute significantly to the creation of cutting-edge medical electronic devices. Every day, we design functional test fixtures that meet or surpass the requirements of our clients, who may be from the medical field, the military and defense sector, the transportation business, the aeronautics industry, or the consumer products sector. We can assist our clients in achieving their objectives whether the necessary solutions are complicated to meet a range of various biomedical device testing criteria or simple yet tailored to meet a single need.

Electronic Assemblies and Interface Test Adapters

The creation of highly tailored interface test adapters, or ITAs, is one of the services we offer. These are utilized to assist a broad spectrum of clients in order to guarantee accuracy, safety, and compliance for a range of difficult equipment and goods. We put a lot of effort into keeping up with the most recent testing techniques, and we really think that the variety of our clientele and sectors keeps us competitive.

We have developed a number of interface test adapters for our clients in the electronic test sector, some of which include redundant interfaces that link several devices to a single point and detachable access panels that allow for simple and rapid modifications. We also work with the development of customized PCBs for utility boards with extra loads, relays, and other features. Many of our clients require the design of custom PCBs for the backplane that provide connectors for power and ground.

Advanced Functional Test Division

Due to RF functional testing requirements, certain of our clients need specialized services. In order to satisfy the demands for testing microwave sub-assemblies and RF circuit assemblies, our design team has spent time creating a range of test adapters and testing stations inside the functional test division. Our functional test fixtures are designed using a variety of approaches and tactics, such as a full six-sided metal enclosure sealed with RF silicone and EMI protected gaskets to isolate the unit under test (UUT) from electromagnetic interference. For many of our clients that deal with RF and microwave assemblies, this is quite helpful.

Other characteristics that we have included in our designs are stiff coax cables with lab, SMA, and BNC connectors, as well as semi-rigid triple-shielded coax tensolite cables. In addition, the functional test division has integrated matched impedance traces into the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and PCBs made using Rogers material. To further serve our clients’ RF functional testing needs, we have also worked with coax switches, RF rotary switches, and RF power sensors. Our team has also specially developed and produced wage guide adapters and coax switches for the many RF applications that we have finished.

Custom Solutions for Industry

Give us a call at 508-672-0808 if you would like more information about any of the services our functional test division offers to the electronic test industry. Regarding RF functional testing and specialized functional test fixtures for the medical industry, we can address any inquiries you may have. We are ITAR Registered and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified to better meet the demands of our wide range of clients. Give us a call right now to discuss your needs for functional test fixtures and to receive a FREE quote.