interface test adaptersIn the simplest of terms, interface test adapters (ITAs) are used to connect the Unit Under Test (UUT) to the functional test system so the signal can be tested through the ITA to the test hardware in the system. The electronics test industry utilizes functional test interface solutions for the testing of products that rely on a printed circuit board (PCB) in their design. The use of ITAs helps the developer to run test application programs to reduce the amount of manual probing required by operators and to ensure quality control prior to and during manufacturing.

Interface test adapters are a piece of hardware that is used in a testing environment. It must be designed to be durable and reliable enough to withstand repetitive testing in a variety of different situations. However, it also must be easy to use and simple to connect with the UUT for effective and efficient testing procedures. EMC Technologies offers custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters to our clients, as well as cable assemblies, functional test fixtures, and other professional services. We work with each client to determine their needs, designing all cable sets, connectors, and functional test interface solutions specifically suited for their requirements.

What Does the ITA Do?

In the world of functional testing, the interface test adapters (ITAs) are used to provide a physical and electrical interface connection between the test system and the unit under test. This piece of essential hardware is used frequently and must be designed to withstand a lot of handling and repetitive use by the operator. Quality interface test adapters must be easy to handle, simple to connect, and robust enough to provide long life in a test and manufacturing environment with custom printed circuit board options when necessary. EMC Technologies designs and manufactures discretely wired and wireless functional test interface equipment for the testing of PCBs and assemblies within a wide array of applications.

Our team has developed highly custom ITAs for the support of military airplane programs and multinational missile programs for our military clients. We serve a mix of military, military contractors, and commercial customers. Because the needs of our clients are so diverse when it comes to functional test interface development, we offer custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters to best meet their unique requirements. Some of our specific areas of proficiency include tight tolerance, high speed, temperature, test racks, and radiofrequency (RF) test fixtures. We have a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department, which is capable of managing the most demanding industry requirements.

Interface Test Adapters

EMC Technologies also stocks a full line of mass interconnect test products that include blocks, receivers, and kits. We also sell a full line of functional test interface products designed for VXI and PXI applications. Our team works with custom design and manufacturing to create interface test adapters based on Virginia Panel, Teradyne, Agilent, and other quality interface connectors as platforms. We supply the equipment and offer comprehensive electrical and manufacturing support to provide a complete turn-key solution for all of your test interface needs for cost-effective custom service.

We have a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department that is capable of managing the most demanding requirements. Our state-of-the-art facility is run by our staff of highly trained and experienced engineers, designers, and technicians. Even our sales group includes professional sales engineers, application engineers, and technical project managers. Our project managers serve as the go-between to coordinate and communicate between the customer and all of the elements required for quality custom design and manufacturing, from sales to testing for the best possible results.

Partner With EMC Technologies

Many of our clients consider us to be a partner in their test challenges. We take pride in the loyalty that we have earned over the years as we have worked together to overcome issues related to smaller targets, new technologies, faster speeds, and more company outsourcing. Our commitment to listening to our clients’ needs while seeking and developing the best talent available is what has helped us to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technological advances. If you are interested in partnering with EMC Technologies for the custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters and other custom functional test interface solutions, give us a call at 508-672-0808.