wireless functional testingToday’s high-density, more complex printed circuit boards make it more difficult to achieve industry-specific testing requirements. To complicate matters even further, the smaller and more tightly spaced testing pads can be a real challenge when it comes to performing wired tests. Custom design and manufacturing is often required for automated test equipment, in particular, solutions that involve wireless functional testing for industry. A variety of test stations can be employed, including mobile, universal, and test-specific solutions, based on the client’s needs and the industry or government regulations regarding the unit to be tested.

Why Wireless Functional Testing?

While there are many reasons to choose wireless functional testing over other methods, by far the most significant reason is the ability of this type of testing to overcome the issues created by all of the wires typically found in the standard long-wire test fixtures. While EMC Technologies has perfected methods that allow us to create discretely wired test fixtures, many of our clients still prefer the wireless approach. It is particularly advantageous when it comes to testing multilayered printed circuit boards, reducing test program debugging, maintenance requirements, and making the entire process much more simplified.

The use of wireless functional testing also provides our clients with the ability to ensure a much higher level of testing performance, regardless of the type of test stations that are used. Automated test equipment is often dictated by industry requirements or, depending on the industry, additional government regulations. We serve many different industries at EMC Technologies, including military, defense, and military contractors, along with aerospace, telecommunications, medical, semiconductor, and consumer electronics. Many of these clients require custom design and manufacturing of functional testing to ensure that they meet all of their industry-specific demands.

Other advantages of wireless functional testing include:

  • reduced noise from grounding and crosstalk
  • cleaner signals for a faster signal rebound
  • improved quality of testing and performance
  • optimized signal fidelity through signal trace isolation
  • neater, more compact internal electronics
  • excellent choice for prototyping and debugging

Printed Circuit Board Verification

Tech-driven industries rely on top-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) to ensure performance and quality in their products, parts, and components. Verifying the quality of the PCB is critical to the success of any product, whether designed for use commercially, by industry-based organizations or directly for consumers as the end-user. The best way to verify the quality of PCBs is through automated test equipment, such as the discretely wired and wireless functional testing solutions offered by EMC Technologies. We can provide custom design and manufacturing to meet industry-specific requirements for environmental performance and conditions or create strategically-designed flexible solutions that allow our clients to adapt easily to multiple product testing situations for evolving technology.

Printed circuit boards are essential to the performance of any electronic product. If there is an error in the initial design or assembly of the PCB, the product itself could fail. This can be very costly for manufacturers if the design flaw or error is not caught early on in the process. Not only could it increase the cost of manufacturing the product, but it could also impact the reputation of the brand if the devices fail when they reach consumers. Government regulations and industry requirements can also pose a problem if the product is deemed unsafe in any way. Boost customer confidence and create a high-performance product by ensuring that your PCBs are compliant to safety requirements and tested effectively to perform in a reliable and repeatable manner.

Contract Manufacturing Services

EMC Technologies offers a wide range of custom design and manufacturing services for printed circuit board (PCB) design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. We do all of our electro-mechanical assembly in-house to ensure quality control and offer custom wiring, built-to-print, machining, and prototyping, as well as full-service engineering that goes beyond the basic box approach to deliver top-quality results. We address each project as a complete system, evaluating everything from package limitations to interfacing conditions, environmental constraints, mounting requirements, dimensioning, and tolerance issues to ensure that all of your demands are met. We apply our mastery in electro-mechanical design to many different markets, including avionics, medical, industrial, and military defense, producing world-class designs for wireless functional testing solutions that exceed expectations.

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