universal test stationDepending on the needs of the customer and the product that will be tested, a variety of unique test systems and integration solutions can be used for custom functional testing. Our clients can choose from a mobile test station or universal test station approach to help them create adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective options according to their specific requirements. Many of our clients come to us because the “off the shelf” solutions provided by other manufacturers were not effective for their needs. As a result, we create custom functional test fixtures and provide additional solutions that will help them to maximize the return on their investment.

Basic Components of Functional Testing

Some of the primary components that are required to achieve custom functional testing for industry include functional test fixtures, interface adapters, and test station hardware. There are many benefits associated with both the mobile test station and universal test station options. Our clients select the option that works best for their needs, adapt and adjust to growing industry demands, and provide a wide spectrum of testing solutions that will help them to achieve their goals. The test station is the physical cabinet that is used to house all of the other components. These stations can be benchtop or rack-based, depending on the industry requirements for the client.

The interface test adapters are used to interface directly with the unit under test (UUT) or other testing procedure, along with all of the cables, instruments, monitors, and processing units will be housed within the universal test station or mobile test station. In addition, all software related to the operating system and data collection for the test system will also need to be included, along with other hardware, such as power supplies, loads for the product, instrumentation, and other valuable components. All of this will be selected based upon the testing needs of the client, the industry that they serve, and any industry or government regulations that require specific parameters for safety or performance testing.

The Mobile Test Station

For many of our clients, the mobile test station is an extremely cost-effective option that is easily adaptable for both complicated and high-volume testing. A mobile test station can be designed to offer solutions for acceptance-based testing or rigorous validation, based upon client-specified requirements. A wide range of other test solutions can also be offered to meet the widespread demands of the client for similar product testing or other industry-specific operations. Modular electrical and mechanical interfaces, as well as easy-to-use adapter panels and plates that are used within designed-in expansion areas, help to maximize all of the benefits of the mobile test station.

The Universal Test Station

In contrast to the mobile test station, the universal test station provides clients with even more testing opportunities. The ability to expand the capabilities of the custom functional testing solution can reduce the cost associated with the future testing of similar product types and configurations. Functional test fixtures within the universal test station housing can be used to offer precise testing solutions. These options can be easily interchanged and calibrated to provide consistent and repeatable results. Easy instrument removal is available through the use of front slide-out rack shelving. A center fixture receiver backplane is used for straightforward instrument removal, while soft tie-downs are used to organize the wire harnessing for quick access and easy expansion of the system.

Which Option is Best For You?

When it comes down to it, there are many options available to customers concerning the test station system that they choose for custom functional testing. Your best bet is to discuss your needs, goals, and requirements with one of our experienced engineers who can help you to develop solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations. We can start working with our customers at the early development phase to ensure that the functional test fixtures and test station solutions we create will help them to achieve their goals. Whether you choose a mobile test station or universal test station, EMC Technologies can help you find the best solution for your product, industry, and company requirements. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to discuss your needs and start working on custom functional testing solutions for all of your development and manufacturing demands.