comprehensive PCB designFrom start to finish, EMC Technologies offers a wide range of services to clients who require the design, manufacture, and wireless functional testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for industry. We offer a wide range of options, including mobile test station, universal test station, and other testing industry solutions designed to best meet the needs of each client. Discretely wired and wireless functional testing, along with the development of interface test adapters (ITAs) and in-house comprehensive PCB design and manufacturing, makes our team of engineers and technicians a real asset to every business we serve.

The unique ability to get everything you need taken care of in-house at our single facility provides many advantages. EMC technicians are certified to the J-STD-001 standard biannually for all custom cable and wiring services. We also offer contract manufacturing for printed circuit board design, fabrication, assembly and testing, as well as a complete electro-mechanical assembly center within our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. From simple projects to the most complex fixtures, our team delivers superior custom solutions for all of your functional testing needs. Comprehensive PCB design, manufacturing and testing services are just the beginning of the solutions available at EMC Technologies.

Custom Engineering Services

Our team goes above and beyond to take our solutions away from the basic box approach used by many contract designers and manufacturers. We offer full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning to ensure the most significant value and return on investment. We address your project as a complete system, gaining an understanding of the needs and requirements of the finished product to address all concerns, issues, and industry regulations throughout development. The evaluation of package limitations, dimensioning and tolerance issues, interfacing conditions, mounting requirements, and environmental constraints are just some of the other factors that we address during the design phase.

We have successfully applied our mastery in electro-mechanical design to meet the testing industry solutions requirements of clients who serve the industrial, medical, telecommunications, military, avionics, and consumer electronics markets. Our many years of training and experience have helped us to produce manufacturable world-class designs more efficiently and effectively. Whether you require a mobile test station or universal test station, prefer discretely wired or wireless functional testing, or want custom solutions for all of your testing needs, our team can help you to achieve your goals. We can accommodate all of your requirements, no matter how simple or complex for comprehensive PCB design and custom engineering solutions.

Comprehensive PCB Design and Assembly

At EMC Technologies, we take pride in our ability to provide a one-stop-shop solution for our customers who require printed circuit board design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Our designs can be a simple double-sided PCB or a much more complex multi-layer design, depending on the needs of the client and the demands of the project. Our designs can be created directly from the customer’s requirements or developed in-house by our engineers and designers. Our PCB designs are available in either Allegro or PADS format to best meet the needs of the client. We strongly believe that the ability to design and manufacture PCBs in-house is an integral factor in our success with the development of interface test adapters (ITAs) for our clients. Wired and wireless functional testing, along with other testing industry solutions, depends greatly on the quality of the PCB.

There are many reasons why clients might require a custom PCB design to support and increase value for functional test fixture solutions. Creating ITAs that are more affordable or a need to create exact duplicates of ITAs for greater signal integrity and repeatability are just some examples. Greater organization of power and ground busses, relays, and signal conditioning components are a few more. Some of our clients even come to us for custom solutions as part of a connector saver adapter card to increase efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance within high-volume testing solutions for either mobile test station or universal test station applications. Our in-house machine shop gives us the unique ability to fabricate nearly any machined part, from simple aluminum pieces to more complicated, tight-tolerance parts at our facility.

Need more information? You can contact one of our sales, engineering, or design experts directly when you contact our office at 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions that you might have about our comprehensive PCB design services, as well as other wireless functional testing and testing industry solutions. Call today for a FREE estimate or to start working with one of our consultants to create the custom solutions that you require for the advancement of your business or industry.