Comprehensive Approach to Custom Testing Solutions for Industry

comprehensive approach to custom functional testingIn addition to our core focus on designing unique functional test fixtures, EMC Technologies also offers contract manufacturing, printed circuit board design, and manufacturing services to our clients. Our goal is to completely meet the demands of our customers so that they may achieve their goals. For instance, this might entail offering built-to-print test adapters, specialized cable and wiring services, and engineering for interface test adapters. We have worked hard to develop and maintain a solid team of experts in functional test fixtures training and certification that come from a variety of backgrounds. We can provide any test solutions required by our clients since we have electrical, mechanical, and PCB experts on staff, including PCB test fixtures.

CCA Performance Verification and Testing

Our team of engineers and technicians works with each customer to create a specific strategy in order to assist them achieve their goals. Since we originally began, we have expanded to suit the demands of our customers by offering them the unique manufacturing and design solutions they require. We have substantial experience in the design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and contract manufacture of PCB test rigs, as well as electro-mechanical assembly. We can assist you in finding CCA performance verification solutions that can be created according to your unique needs and industry requirements.

Our machine shop in Southeast Massachusetts is fully equipped with cutting-edge machinery, including CNC milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling tools, and sheet metal brakes. We can thus make almost any machined component since we offer full-service machining and metal fabrication in-house. Our engineers and technicians can create everything a customer needs in order to enable unique functional testing, from basic aluminum pieces to more complicated, tight-tolerance parts.

Built-to-Print Test Adapters

If the business requires it, we can manufacture prototypes and large quantities of parts at our New England facility. We at EMC Technologies take great satisfaction in our ability to think creatively outside the box for the benefit of our clients, unlike many contract designers who only think conventionally. Our cutting-edge facility can handle everything, from built-to-print test adapters to high-end PCB design and assembly to specialized cable and wiring services.

When we say we offer custom testing solutions at EMC Tech, we mean it. To improve quality and increase client satisfaction, each project is handled as a whole, considering all of the client’s needs from start to finish. We take into account packaging restrictions, dimensions, tolerance concerns, and interface requirements in addition to environmental limits and mounting requirements. We provide a range of services to assist our clients in the avionics, communications, industrial, medical, and military areas in developing designs that are both high-quality and producible.

One-of-a-Kind Testing Solutions

You can also want components and materials that are specifically suited to your exact needs while creating one-of-a-kind testing solutions. Virtually any type of specialized wire or cable may be produced by our professionals thanks to their expertise, equipment, and training. To make sure they are up to the J-STD-001 level, every one of our professionals renews their certification every two years. In all of our cables, we exclusively employ or support best commercial practices materials.

In order to increase uniformity and quality, we may also offer automatic cutting; however, this service is not always required. We provide a wide range of test-specific solutions, such as continuity and Hipot testing, among others, to assure the best quality results. Because our personnel is knowledgeable in the most popular connections and contracts and gets continual training and assistance in their usage, all of our bespoke wiring services are assured to be carried out with the highest level of accuracy.

Custom Testing Solutions

We will provide you with a FREE quotation for our work if you require printed circuit board design for PCB test fixtures or any other form of contract manufacturing services. Call us at 508-672-0808 to learn more about our contract manufacturing services and bespoke design and production solutions. You can count on us to offer thorough help and direction as you look for the best bespoke design and production options for your particular circumstance.