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Custom Functional Test Solutions: Designing and Manufacturing

custom functional test solutions

Quality assurance testing is an essential part of the development, design, and manufacture of electronics products for consumer and industry use. Regardless of the industry that you serve or the intended end-user of the product, the electronic test industry plays an important part in the success of your business. It is crucial to have a…

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Flexible, Cost-Effective Test Solutions: Custom Test Stations

custom test stations for industry

Before our team of engineers and technicians go to work on the development of custom test solutions, we take time to get to know everything we can about our clients and the products that they want to test. This helps us to develop highly flexible test solutions that will best suit their needs, providing cost-effective…

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Consider Universal Test Station for Functional Test Fixtures

universal test station

Depending on the needs of the customer and the product that will be tested, a variety of unique test systems and integration solutions can be used for custom functional testing. Our clients can choose from a mobile test station or universal test station approach to help them create adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective options according to…

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The Challenges Posed by Radio Frequency RF Functional Testing

RF functional testing

One of the most demanding aspects of developing a wireless system for RF functional testing is solving interference problems. Other influences can include cost, time-to-market considerations, government regulations, industry compliance, as well as the performance of components, subsystems, and other elements. While challenges are expected in just about any industry or market, some issues can…

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Designing & Manufacturing Custom Functional Test for Industry

custom functional test

The electronic test industry plays an essential role in product testing for industrial, commercial, and consumer use products. In many cases, a custom functional test is required in order to ensure that quality, effectiveness, and reliability of a product. Through the use of functional test solutions, including a functional test interface and interface test adapters,…

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Custom PCB Printed Circuit Board Testing and Manufacturing

printed circuit board testin

One of the many services that we offer to our clients is custom test solutions for the printed circuit board. We also provide custom PCB testing, design and assembly, depending on the needs of the customer. The designs that we create can range from a simple double-sided PCB to more complex, multi-layer designs. These designs…

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Mobile & Universal Test Systems for Functional Test Fixtures

functional test fixtures

We offer our clients the opportunity to work with a variety of different test system options based on their needs and requirements for functional test fixtures. The decision to choose between a mobile test station and a universal test station can depend on the product you are testing or where it will be tested. Mobile…

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Custom Functional Test Solutions: Printed Circuit Board Testing

printed circuit board testing

When it comes to custom testing solutions for the electronic test industry, one of the areas that we deal with the most is printed circuit board testing. Printed circuit boards or PCBs are used in many different types of electronic and electric products. The printed circuit board testing is a custom functional test that is…

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PCB Functional Test Fixtures for the Electronic Test Industry

PCB functional test fixtures

There are many benefits associated with custom product testing. This is true whether you are designing products for a particular industrial use or as a direct-to-consumer product. EMC Technologies is proud to partner directly with many of our clients to create custom solutions that will best suit their needs. We have expanded our abilities over…

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Benefits of Wireless and Discretely Wired Functional Testing

Discretely Wired Functional Testing

Custom product testing is used by many different industries to decrease liability issues and provide many other advantages. While some testing is required by industry or government regulations, other testing is done at the discretion of the manufacturer. At EMC Technologies, we provide comprehensive services from start to finish, offering a variety of wired functional…

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