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Functional Test Division: Challenges of the Telecom Industry

functional test division

EMC Technologies provides functional test fixtures to clients across many different industries. One of the sectors that we serve is telecommunications. There are many challenges faced by manufacturers who work in the telecom industry, in particular, because of how quickly trends and consumer demands change. Our clients work directly with our functional test division to…

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Electronic Test Industry Best Practices: Mil-Spec Wire & Cable

Electronic Test Industry

EMC Technologies offers custom design and manufacturing of discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures, systems, and solutions for clients who represent many different industries. However, our roots begin with meeting the functional test needs of the military. Today, we serve a mix of military, military contractor, and commercial customers, while still maintaining a world-class…

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Advances in Electronic Test Industry for Aerospace & Defense

Electronic Test Industry

Experts are predicting that the Aerospace & Defense industry will undergo a significant transformation over the next several years due to the advent of new technologies and a change in client requirements. As a result, electronic industry testing solutions will also need to evolve, leaning toward higher frequencies, multi-channel solutions, greater bandwidth availability, and increased…

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Custom Functional Test Fixtures for Consumer Electronic Goods

Custom Functional Test

While we serve a wide variety of industries, one of the most diverse client types that we work with is for the testing of consumer electronic goods. EMC Technologies has many years of experience working with clients to develop custom functional test options for consumer and commercial electronics and related products and accessories. Just about…

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PCB Testing Solutions: Printed Circuit Board Testing Matters

PCB testing solutions

Commonly used in electronics and various types of commercial and consumer technologies, the printed circuit board (PCB) is a very valuable device. There is a PCB inside your mobile phone, computer, and many pieces of equipment that you use on a daily basis. Printed circuit board technology is vital for the function of many devices.…

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Do You Require Custom Test Solutions for Product Development?

Solutions for Product Development

Companies that deal with the innovative development of products for industry will often require custom test solutions to ensure safety, performance, and efficiency. EMC Technologies works with a lot of different clients to provide solutions based on their unique needs and specifications. Whether a universal test station or mobile test station would work best for…

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How to Optimize & Improve Test Stations With EMC Technologies

EMC Technologies for Optimizing Test stations

Clients come to EMC Technologies when looking for test solutions designed to optimize and improve the testing process for industry. Our work with a diverse array of industries has helped us to increase our ability to create a mobile test station, universal test station, and test-specific wireless functional testing applications that exceed expectations. Much of…

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Automated Test Solutions & Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

printed circuit board manufacturing

When it comes to the design and development of printed circuit board manufacturing, there are three primary types of construction. A printed circuit board (PCB) is a self-contained module of interconnected components. They are used in a wide range of different devices, from sophisticated computer systems to home electronics, beepers or pagers, and military radar…

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Functional Test Fixtures for the Electronic Testing Industry

Functional test fixtures

Electronic manufacturing companies rely heavily on the electronic test industry to develop functional test fixtures that they can use for quality assurance. Whether the client makes everything in-house at their own factory or if they utilize sub-components from another manufacturer, it is important to use a functional test interface and various interface test adapters to…

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Custom Functional Test Solutions for Industry Advancements

Custom Functional Test Solutions

Today’s growing and advancing industries require services for custom design and manufacturing of test solutions that are just as cutting edge. EMC Technologies goes above and beyond the “basic box” approach of many contract designers and manufacturers to provide full-service contract design for custom functional test solutions in its true meaning. We address each project…

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