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Interface Test Adapters: Industries Using Functional Testing

Interface Test Adapters for Military and Defense

Which industries rely the most on the electronic test industry? While some may be obvious, such as consumer electronics, others may be surprising. Custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters and functional test solutions is essential to the success of many different industries. Whether you require the use of a universal or mobile test…

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Choose the Best Service for Custom Functional Test Solutions

Custom Functional Test Solutions

Businesses that only require an “off the shelf” solution for functional test fixtures might not care where they purchase their functional test interface. However, if you work in an industry where custom test solutions are needed, you will want to be a bit more choosy. It pays to find a service that employs a team…

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Functional Test Fixtures: Why You Need a Reputable Provider

Functional Test Fixtures

Many different industries rely on custom test solutions through the use of functional test fixtures to ensure the quality of the products that they manufacture. Electronics, biomedical equipment, computers, and consumer products are just some of the industries that use a variety of testing applications to check performance and quality. Wired and wireless testing, in-circuit…

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Wired & Wireless Test Fixtures: Printed Circuit Board Testing

Printed Circuit Board Testing

In the development of custom printed circuit board (PCB) designs, no solution is complete until the testing phase is complete. While wired or wireless functional testing is a requirement for all configurations, regardless of the industry, it can be helpful to work with custom testing methods that better support the needs of the contract manufacturer.…

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Custom Design and Manufacturing: Functional Test Division

Functional Test Division

At EMC Technologies, we specialize in the design and development of custom test solutions to better meet the needs of our clients. Our Functional Test Division works to create custom functional test solutions that can be used to ensure the quality of a product and verify that the material used has been properly manufactured to…

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Mobile vs. Universal Test Station for the Healthcare Industry

Mobile and Universal Test Station Solutions

Every industry has specific needs and requirements with regard to functional test fixtures. The type of equipment, tools, or devices that are being tested can affect the methods and operations that must be used. The system is important as well, with choices including mobile and universal test station options. While the medical industry puts a…

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RF Functional Testing Solutions for RF Circuit Assemblies

RF Circuit Assemblies for RF Functional Testing

Specialized test stations and test adaptors are needed to effectively test RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Our team of engineers has worked with clients to develop a variety of custom functional test fixtures that are designed to fit the bill. RF functional testing techniques and strategies require additional elements not required in other test…

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Improve Industry Test Solutions: Wireless Functional Testing

Wireless Functional Testing - Industry Test Solutions

Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve industry test solutions to provide them with the best possible results. Wireless fixtures have been used for in-circuit testing for many years now, far surpassing the results of other wired solutions for the testing of high node-count complex printed circuit boards (PCBs). There are many advantages…

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Services for Custom Test Solutions, Design and Manufacturing

Custom Test Solutions for Industry

EMC Technologies provides a wide range of contract services and custom design and manufacturing solutions for our clients. Whether you require specific options for in-circuit test fixtures or need a functional test interface designed to suit your needs, our team of skilled engineers and technicians can help you achieve your goals. Our custom test solutions…

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Universal Test Station & Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

Universal Test Station - Custom Functional Testing

Many different industries utilize functional test fixtures to perform functional tests during the final phase of production. Sometimes referred to as a final “quality control test,” this is done to ensure that all of the specifications of the product are carried out effectively. The process of the custom functional test is determined by a simulation…

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