Unit Under Test Solutions: Electronic Test Industry Products

unit under test solutions

The electronic test industry is charged with developing custom functional test solutions for a variety of diverse industries that rely on unit under test solutions to ensure the performance of printed circuit boards (PCAs) and circuit card assemblies (CCAs). Functional testing for industry is used to ensure performance without any errors or failures. Depending on…

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EMC Tech Custom Testing Solutions: Functional Test Fixtures

custom testing solutions

Functional test fixtures are used to validate that a specific product, part, or component is free of any defects that might negatively impact proper function within a system application. Custom testing solutions are sometimes required, either due to advanced technology or unique demands for a particular product. Wireless test fixtures – and, in some cases,…

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PCB & CCA Performance Verification: Design and Manufacturing

CCA Performance verification

One of the ways that EMC Technologies stands out from other companies that provide custom testing solutions for printed circuit board and CCA performance verification is our ability to find new ways to help our customers achieve their goals. Our clients come to us in the early stages of development to work directly with our…

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Custom Functional Test Fixtures: Specific Areas of Proficiency

radiofrequency and semiconductor functional testing

Some of the words that best describe the custom functional test fixtures and solutions created here at EMC Technology include robust, precise, and repeatable. We take pride in the loyalty that we have earned from our customers over the years and our ability to partner with them in their test challenges. Some of the areas…

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Radiofrequency Test Adapters and Printed Circuit Board Design

printed circuit board design

While a majority of the work that our team of dedicated and experienced engineers and technicians do is in the design and manufacture of custom functional testing solutions, some of our projects are even more specialized. Our work with radiofrequency RF test adapters and test stations for RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies has gone…

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Functional Test Solutions: Options for Systems & Integration

functional test solutions

At EMC Technologies, we provide our clients with custom functional test solutions designed to help them achieve their development, manufacturing, and production goals. We serve a wide variety of diverse industries, developing test fixture solutions based on the unique needs and demands of the products that they create. Some of the industries that we serve…

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Advanced Test Solutions and Functional Test for Industry 4.0

functional test for industry

As technologies and industry requirements change, the electronic test industry must also adapt, prepare, and be ready for whatever comes next. Industry function test solutions at EMC Technologies are designed around the unique needs and demands of each client. We serve customers who work across a wide range of industries, including military, industrial, commercial, and…

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Electronic Test Solutions for CCA Performance Verification

CCA Performance Verification

At EMC Technologies, we provide our customers with the services they need to achieve all of their custom functional testing goals. We offer discretely wired fixtures, wireless solutions, and advanced designs based on their unique needs and requirements. The basic purpose of electronic test industries is to provide functional testing solutions to verify the performance…

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Specialized Test Solutions: Military and Military Contractors

specialized test solutions for military clients

At EMC Technologies, we are proud of the work that we have done to support our military and military contractor clients. Specialized test solutions and custom functional testing design and manufacturing is where we got our start, and we continue to be dedicated to serving this industry today. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we do everything…

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Unit Under Test Solutions for Industrial Functional Testing

unit under test solutions for industrial functional testing

Depending on the industry that you serve – and the intended end-user of the device – your needs for industrial functional testing may vary widely. When we work with a client to develop a functional test for industry, we take into consideration all of the aspects of what we are testing, including how, when, and…

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