Functional Testing for Industry: PCB Performance Verification

functional test for industry

At EMC Technologies, we work with a wide range of discretely wired, wireless, and specialty functional test fixtures that are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. We take pride in the work that we do and are proud that our clients view us as a partner in their testing challenges.…

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Custom Functional Test Fixtures: Wired and Wireless Options

custom functional test fixtures

While it seems as though everything is wireless these days, there are certain circumstances when discretely wired functional test fixtures are preferred to their wireless counterparts. That’s why we offer both options at EMC Technologies to best meet the needs of our customers. We create our discreet wired and wireless test fixtures for clients who…

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Contract Manufacturing in its True Meaning at EMC Technologies

contract manufacturing

Bringing together a team of highly trained and experienced engineers, technicians, and sales staff helps us to deliver unmatched quality and customer service at EMC Technologies. One of the ways that we go far beyond the basic box approach used by many other contract designers and manufacturers is to provide our customers with full-service contract…

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Built to Print Machined Prototype Design and Manufacturing

built to print machined prototype

While EMC Technologies is known for your design and manufacturing of discretely wired and wireless custom functional test fixtures, we also provide our customers with a wide range of other services. Built to print machined prototype design and manufacturing is just one of the many options that we can provide in our full service machine…

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Specialty Test Fixtures for the Telecommunications Industry

specialty test fixtures

There are many different situations when specialty test fixtures are required. However, the telecommunications and networking industries will frequently have more instances that require our team to create specialized mobile test station solutions. Radiofrequency or RF testing is one of those areas where we have gained a lot of experience and proficiency in recent years.…

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Custom Functional Test Options: Printed Circuit Board Testing

printed circuit board testing solutions

One of the services that we provide at EMC Technologies is to assist our clients in the design and manufacture of functional test fixtures for printed circuit board testing. The custom functional test solutions that we create are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies (EAs) for a variety of…

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Designing & Manufacturing Custom Testing Solutions for Clients

custom testing solutions

At EMC Technologies, we have earned a solid reputation for providing quality custom functional test fixtures and other custom testing solutions for our clients. While our original customer base consisted primarily of military and military defense contractors, we have since expanded to take on a wide variety of clients serving many different commercial industries. We…

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Test Systems and Integration for CCA Performance Verification

test systems and integration

While we are known for our ability to design and manufacture wired and wireless functional test fixtures for industry, we also have a lot of experience working on the development of test systems and integration options for our clients. Each industry has its own innate requirements that must be met in order to achieve proper…

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One Stop Shop Opportunities for the Electronic Test Industry

the electronic test industry

The electronic test industry has grown significantly in recent years, as manufacturers work to face new challenges and achieve greater standards of quality. AT EMC Technologies, we rise to the challenge of providing our clients with the best solutions, service, and support in the business. We are proud to have developed long-term relationships with our…

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Specialty Functional Test Solutions: Radiofrequency Testing

There are many different types of testing demands and performance verification that are required in the electronic test industry. One of the areas where we are incredibly proficient at EMC Technologies is in designing, developing, and manufacturing specialty functional test solutions for radiofrequency testing. Our team can assist in the design of RF test adapters…

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