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Specialized Functional Test Fixtures for RF Functional Testing

RF functional testing requirements

RF functional testing or radio frequency testing is essential for a wide range of different industries. The telecommunications industry, as you might have guessed, benefits significantly from the use of radio waves, microwaves, and all forms of electromagnetic energy from across the spectrum. Emitted by antennas, which transmit these waves as a form of electromagnetic…

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Design Functional Test Fixtures to Meet Industry Requirements

Military Functional Test Fixtures

Many businesses across multiple industries rely on the functional test fixtures from EMC Technologies functional test division. Discretely wired and wireless functional testing provides for fully operational power to be applied to a loaded printed circuit board (PCB) for testing. To find out if the PCB performs the functions that it was designed to perform,…

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Importance of the Electronic Test Industry in Manufacturing

Electronic test industry solutions

When you consider that much of the manufacturing that goes on in the world requires electronic or electrical equipment in some way, shape, or form, it becomes easy to see why the electronic test industry is so instrumental in this industry. Functional test interface equipment is needed during the design phase, throughout manufacturing, and post-production,…

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Custom Printed Circuit Board Testing: Functional Test Fixtures

custom functional test fixtures

EMC Technologies offers a wide range of services and custom test solutions for our clients. We are proud to partner with our customers who come from many different industries. While we may have gotten our start in the realm of military and military contractor functional test fixtures and interface test adapters, we have expanded our…

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Develop RF Functional Testing Platforms for Product Testing

wireless RF functional testing

Over the years, EMC Technologies has become quite proficient in the development of RF circuit assemblies and RF functional testing for our clients. Our engineers and technicians in the functional test division have developed countless solutions for in-circuit test fixture demands to create a total test solution for radio frequency (RF) based applications and product…

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Printed Circuit Board Custom Design & Manufacturing Benefits

custom printed circuit board design

There are many advantages associated with creating custom test solutions for industry. A functional test interface that has been designed and manufactured specifically for your needs will always perform better than some “off the shelf” model. Custom design and manufacturing of printed circuit board (PCB) also offers many benefits. Electronics builders and industry leaders alike…

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Design Effective Custom Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

custom functional test fixtures

Certain industries require custom functional test solutions to meet their unique needs and requirements. Mobile test station and universal test station options can provide flexibility and cost-effective opportunities to maximize a return on investment for custom functional test fixtures. At EMC Technologies, we design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that are…

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EMC Technologies: Custom Wired & Wireless Functional Testing

wireless functional testing for industry

The consumer electronics industry is a massive influence on the electronic test industry, as developers look for new ways to create functional test fixtures that will satisfy the ever-changing needs for testing. EMC Technologies works with many different types of industries, and we have found that through our experience with so many unique clients with…

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Universal Test Station Solutions for Functional Test Systems

universal test station systems

The equipment and technology used for functional testing are highly customized and unique, based on the demands of the industry and the requirements of the products that they test. Depending on the situation, test systems and integration solutions can be standalone or rack-based to provide adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective options for the manufacturer. Our clients…

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The Unique Demands of RF Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

RF functional test fixtures

While known for our work with custom functional test solutions, EMC Technologies has the ability to design and manufacture RF functional test fixtures and products that meet strict industry requirements. We incorporate the use of various test equipment options and accessories to help our clients meet the demands of the ever-changing and evolving wireless communications…

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