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Challenges Posed and Solutions Made for RF Functional Testing

RF functional testing

One of the many services that we provide at EMC Technologies is to help our clients overcome the challenges that they face in product development. Regardless of the industry that you serve, you have likely come up against many different constraints that can impact the success of your project. Cost, performance, lead-time, and issues with…

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Custom Functional Test Design for Specific Industry Solutions

custom functional test

At EMC Technologies, we are proud to serve a diverse array of industries and create innovative custom test solutions explicitly designed to meet their growing needs. Every member of our team receives continuous training to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to state-of-the-art design and experience with the ever-changing technology…

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Functional Testing Solutions and the Electronic Test Industry

functional testing solutions

Functional test fixtures plan an essential role in the design and development of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for electronics of all types. At EMC Technologies, we serve many different industries to ensure quality control for products and components that are used around the globe. Our functional testing solutions address the unique needs of each client…

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Custom Wiring Solutions for Printed Circuit Board Testing

custom wiring solutions

Many of our clients depend on custom wiring solutions and cables for power and signal transmission. While there are many excellent options available for standard products, certain industries and developments necessitate the need for a custom solution. Our work in the functional test industry and experience with printed circuit board testing proved to be a…

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RF Functional Testing Solutions for Electronic Test Industry

rf functional testing

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave test systems are used in certain industries for signal routing and conditioning. For RF functional testing, an interface unit is used to route the high frequency signals between the RF test instrumentation and the device under test (DUT). There are several different configurations for these switches, depending on the needs…

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Mobile vs Universal Test Station for Functional Test Fixtures

universal test station

Custom design and manufacturing of functional test fixtures and test stations for industry provides a wide range of solutions for manufacturing and production test applications. Some of the work that we do is for military, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunications clients who are always searching for new solutions to ensure reliability, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness in testing…

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Today’s Industry-Specific Solutions for Custom Test Stations

custom test solutions

We talk a lot about the custom test solutions that we develop at EMC Technologies in the way of functional test interface solutions, wireless functional testing, and testing for printed circuit board development. However, we also do a lot of work in the area of custom test stations, including mobile, universal, and test-specific requirements. The…

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Custom Discretely Wired & Wireless Functional Test Fixtures

functional test fixtures

Advancements made in the technology used in telecommunications, medical equipment, and other essential industries have demanded that similar advancements are made in the world of functional test solutions. Technology manufacturers have pushed the boundaries of electronics and equipment for use in commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. They rely on functional test fixtures to ensure the…

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Custom Design and Manufacturing: Wireless Functional Testing

wireless functional testing

Today’s high-density, more complex printed circuit boards make it more difficult to achieve industry-specific testing requirements. To complicate matters even further, the smaller and more tightly spaced testing pads can be a real challenge when it comes to performing wired tests. Custom design and manufacturing is often required for automated test equipment, in particular, solutions…

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RF Functional Testing & Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

functional test fixtures for industry

There are many reasons why our clients come to us for custom test solutions. Functional test fixtures are used to find defects in electronics assemblies to improve product quality, reduce costs for manufacturing, protect a company’s brand, and even streamline the assembly process. Depending on the product and any industry requirements or regulations, there are…

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