Exploring Test Systems and Integration for Functional Testing

test systems and integration solutions for industry

The electronic test industry has the ability to provide custom solutions for printed circuit board (PCB) and circuit card assembly (CCA) performance verification. Specialized options are often required for the testing of new technologies, outsourced parts, and components and for unique environmental use and specifications. We work with each client to help them to achieve…

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Radiofrequency Testing: Specialized Functional Test Solutions

rf circuit assemblies

As 5G becomes more and more of a reality, developers are scrambling to make sure that their products are ready to effectively support and work with this new technology. One such concern is the use of mmWave (millimeter-wave) technology, which offers speeds that are twenty times faster than a 4G LTE network, has the capability…

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Custom Functional Testing: Designed to Support Industry Demand

custom functional testing for industry

There are many reasons why a client might come to EMC Technologies in search of custom options for specialized test solutions. Custom functional testing is essential for many different industries and can be designed to support specific production requirements to ensure quality and consistent manufacturing. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians…

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EMC Technologies: Custom Functional Test Fixtures & Much More

custom functional test fixtures

The electronic test industry has changed and evolved significantly in recent years, putting more demands on developers and manufacturers to meet certain challenges associated with functional testing for electronics, consumer products, industrial equipment, and even military and defense technologies. We work with clients across multiple industries to provide them with highly-customized interface test adapters and…

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New Technology: Custom Test Systems and Integration Solutions

test systems and integration

One of the best ways to achieve success with custom testing solutions is to work with a service provider that offers a wide range of engineering and manufacturing services. When you have the ability to collaborate effectively with the manufacturer of your test systems and integration solutions, you will be able to effectively conduct PCB…

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Design Services and Testing for PCBs: Custom Test Solutions

testing for PCBs

At EMC Technologies, our printed wiring board (PWB) and printed circuit board (PCB) designs can accommodate requirements from simple, double-sided designs to complex, multi-layer solutions. Our team can provide customers with design and testing for PCBs, as well as fabrication, assembly, and testing to ensure that everything functions according to their specifications. From simple projects…

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Functional Test Solutions for Industry: Wired & Wireless Test

functional test solutions for industry

In order to validate a printed circuit board design or the function of an electronic device, testing is required to ensure that it will be ready for prototyping, manufacturing, post-assembly, and intended use operation. Functional test solutions for industry can vary widely, depending on the device and the functional requirements of the device itself. Wireless…

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Custom Functional Testing and the Electronic Test Industry

custom functional testing

For many different industries, the use of custom functional testing is crucial to the success of any business that relies on electronics or electronics systems. At EMC Technologies, the custom design and manufacture of electronic test equipment, including functional test fixtures and functional test interface solutions, is used to create signals and capture responses from…

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Specialty Test Solutions: Radiofrequency Testing Challenges

specialty test solutions

There are certain testing situations that require a bit more creativity, innovation, and experience than others. Specialty test solutions often involve specialized test adapters, test stations, and enclosures based on the unit under test or the environmental testing requirements that it needs to pass. Radiofrequency testing is something that we work with a lot at…

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Performance Verification of PCBs and Circuit Card Assemblies

pcb performance verification

When it comes to the design and manufacture of products, components, and parts for today’s advanced industries, performance verification of PCBs and CCA performance verification is often a requirement. While in some cases it is an industry or government-imposed regulation, the value of electronic testing for consumer, commercial, and military-grade equipment is something that should…

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