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Custom Cable Manufacturing: Reliable Cable & Wiring Services

Custom Cable ManufacturingCustom cable manufacturing services are requested by many of our clients for a number of different industries. Whether you require simple custom wiring solutions or something more complex, our team can deliver a high-quality product that will meet or exceed your expectations. We have a diverse in-house inventory of cable connectors that we use to reduce your lead time significantly. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians has an extensive background working with a range of industries, which allows us to fabricate nearly any type of cable. Our technicians at EMC Technologies are certified biannually according to the J-STD-001 standard.

Automated Cutting and Crimping

Many of our clients create devices and systems that require reliable connections. Improper installation of a cable or wire can cause a lost signal. Wireless networks, medical devices, digital systems, and video equipment are just some of the projects that we provide custom cable manufacturing for at EMC Technologies. Automated cutting and crimping are used for terminating the contacts on many different types of cable and wiring services or configurations. Crimping is a very fast and reliable method that connects a wire to a terminal without having to go through the process of soldering.

The way it works is that the crimped section of the wire becomes deformed, causing the insulation compression without piercing it. With a good crimp, the strands will protrude through the crimped section by at least the diameter of the wire’s conductor. Our technicians work with clients to create custom solutions for automated cutting and crimping designed to meet industry regulations and requirements for cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation within the industry for custom wiring and custom cable manufacturing services.

Methods for Crimping Wires

At EMC Technologies, we utilize a method known as automated cutting and crimping. However, there are two other methods that are sometimes used, including manual and semi-automatic. The manual crimping for cable and wiring services is just like it sounds; the technician uses a hand tool called a crimper to crimp the custom wiring or cable. The semi-automatic method uses an electric or pneumatic benchtop device that can provide a number of crimps per hour, depending on the materials. We use automated cutting and crimping with our custom cable manufacturing because it can provide the highest volume of crimps per hour.

Compared to manual and semi-automatic crimping, fully automated cutting and crimping is definitely the fastest method, making it perfect for high volume orders. However, because speed isn’t the only benefit to this method, it is often used for smaller orders as well. Automated crimping is also consistent, accurate, and can incorporate other functions, including wire cutting and wire stripping. This is why EMC Technologies technicians use automated cutting and crimping to fulfill orders for our clients. It is by far the best method available for crimping, cutting, and stripping of custom cable and wiring services.

What You Need to Know

It is important to work with a company that can provide you with top quality cable and wiring services. Automated cutting and crimping are just part of the services that we provide at EMC Technologies. Our custom cable manufacturing is done to the mil-standard or best commercial practices to ensure client satisfaction and reliable results. Continuity and Hipot testing are available, along with other tests to ensure custom wiring and cabling according to the client’s specifications. Our team is highly trained and experienced with most popular connections and contacts, plus we excel at providing custom services designed to meet our clients’ needs.

From simple projects to extremely complex fixtures, our team strives to always produce superior custom wiring for all of your industry needs. Our website features samples of photos and videos that we have taken during some of the work we have done. Our team goes above and beyond the basic “out of the box” approach that is supplied by many other contract designers and manufacturers. It is our mission to provide clients with truly full-service custom cable manufacturing and wiring services to deliver results that will meet all conditions and requirements. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to get started on your custom cable and wiring services or to speak with one of our team members about your needs.