Built to Print Machined Prototype Design and Manufacturing

built to print machined prototypeWhile EMC Technologies is known for your design and manufacturing of discretely wired and wireless custom functional test fixtures, we also provide our customers with a wide range of other services. Built to print machined prototype design and manufacturing is just one of the many options that we can provide in our full service machine shop. Machining and metal fabrication along with prototyping services can work together hand-in-hand to create greater consistency during the production process. There are many advantages to using built to print manufacturing, as it helps a business to manufacture parts more conveniently and efficiently with uniform results across multiple production runs.

What is Built to Print Manufacturing?

Many of our customers choose to take advantage of our prototyping services to help them streamline the manufacturing process. We can do small and short runs in our state-of-the-art machining and metal fabrication shop, which features CNC milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling equipment, sheet metal brakes, and an entire electro-mechanical assembly department. With our built to print machined prototype services, we have designed and manufactured test adapters for commercial jet LRUs and military products, as well as created solutions for other commercial clients. Our service options can support a full turn-key project that includes engineering services and assembly or a simple built to print machined prototype.

Built to print manufacturing is attractive to many types of businesses because it ensures greater consistency across the board. Multiple manufacturers of parts and components can create the same items using a single set of specifications that are provided directly by the client. Rather than trying to make already-existing parts work within the finished product, companies can use a built to print machined prototype to work with different manufacturers all over the world. Uniformity, improved interoperability, and other benefits make these types of prototyping services very valuable in the creation of models, replacement parts, and spare parts. We can create nearly any machined part at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, from simple pieces to tight-tolerance, complicated parts.

Creating a Built to Print Machined Prototype

At EMC Technologies, our prototyping services department can create a complete built to print machined prototype in-house made by our engineering and design team, or it can be created from the customers’ specifications. While many manufacturers place the responsibility on the customer to choose the specific production methods and parameters, our team of highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians can assist you every step of the way. Close collaboration is essential between our project manager and you and your team for best results. Once everything has been designed and agreed upon, print-ready instructions for manufacturing the product can be provided that can be used within a production environment.

It is essential to ensure that the manufacturer conforms to the instructions to ensure that the parts or components being ordered meet the specifications and requirements of the customer. Built to print prototyping services can be very beneficial, offering a cost-effective method to generate consistent and reliable parts. Having a blueprint designed and ready to go can eliminate minor design differences between manufacturers for better overall results. This method can also improve component interoperability, as everything will remain more consistent across multiple channels of production. This can help businesses to establish a more substantial brand uniformity and cohesive look and style. At EMC Technologies, we address each project as a complete system, including any interfacing conditions, tolerance issues, environmental constraints, mounting requirements, dimensioning problems, and package limitations.

Full Service Machine Shop

Contact our team directly to learn more about our prototyping services and options for built to print machined prototype design and manufacturing. We can answer any questions you might have about the work that we do in our machining and metal fabrication shop, as well as point you in the right direction to ensure that you get the prototyping services and support you need for your project. Call today at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our sales engineers about your interests in EMC Technologies. We are ITAR Registered, ISO 9001: 2015 Certified, and have the ability to assist you with nearly any type of project.