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Build to Print Services for the Electronic Testing Industry

Build to Print ServicesSome of our clients require full in-house machining and metal fabricating services with build to print services. EMC Technologies provides these services in our machine shop, which includes a variety of CNC milling centers, lathes, drilling equipment, knee-mills, and sheet metal brakes. We have the tools to get the job done right. Having all of this equipment at our disposal and a team of highly trained and experienced technicians at the ready gives us the unique ability to fabricate nearly any machined part. So whether you require a simple aluminum piece or a complicated, tight-tolerance part, EMC Technologies can get the job done right.

Our team can also provide our clients with prototyping. We have created interface test adapters (ITAs) via our build to print services for clients within the aerospace and military industries. We can create a single part or short run order, while also having the ability to run high-volume in-house parts at our facility. Printed circuit board (PCB) design and other types of custom design and manufacturing can all be done in-house. Our team can support a full turn-key project that includes engineering services and assembly, or we can produce simple build to print services for a fully machined prototype.

At EMC Technologies, our team works closely with each client, using test fixture drawings and prints or by working directly with the client’s own engineers, to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds their expectations.

Why Choose EMC Tech

If you are looking for a reputable provider or custom design and manufacturing for the electronic test industry, EMC Technologies fits the bill. Our many years of experience, plus current training, certification, and close work with a diverse pool of clients helps us to stay current with the latest technologies and design trends. We don’t just fill orders; we partner with our clients to create custom build to print services and solutions for everything from functional test fixtures to printed circuit board design and everything in between. Our goal is to help each client reduce cost and resources required for equipment manufacture and assembly. Our build to print services can help clients to quickly create opportunities to test requirements before complete manufacturing is launched.

Our services are designed to save time and money for the client, providing viable test system assembly solutions to improve quality and meet tight deadlines. Our project managers work with you to coordinate each custom design and manufacturing project to eliminate confusion, working as the single point of contact between our sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments. EMC Technologies can manufacture component parts and assemblies according to your specifications and provide additional services, such as assembly and wiring for equipment. Custom cable solutions, interface test adapters, and other professional services are available based on our clients’ needs.

Printed Circuit Board Design

In addition to our build to print services for custom design and manufacturing, EMC Technologies also works extensively with printed circuit board design and manufacturing. Our designs can be created to accommodate your unique requirements, ranging from a simple double-sided PCB to a complex multi-layer design. Our designs can be created directly from the customer’s design and specifications, or they can be created entirely by EMC Technologies engineers and technicians. Our PCB designs are available in either PADS or Allegro format, depending on your needs.

Our team works with each client on the design and manufacture of printed circuit board design as an integral component of the interface test adapters. We do this for a number of reasons. While some of those reasons include the ability to include greater signal integrity and repeatability for more comprehensive testing, others work to reduce debugging time and create faster, less costly duplicates of interface test adapters. Other reasons include the ability to provide better organization of relays, power, and ground busses, as well as signal conditioning components. However, in some situations, this service is provided to improve maintenance to streamline high-volume testing.

Contact EMC Technologies

If you are interested in learning more about our build to print services or other options for custom design and manufacturing, contact EMC Technologies at 508-672-0808. Our team of engineers and technicians can answer any questions that you might have about the services that we provide and can help you get started with custom solutions for printed circuit board design, interface test adapters, and functional test fixtures.