functional testingFunctional testing is a necessary and required step in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies. The electronic test industry has used wired functional testing and now wireless functional testing to verify PCBs and other essential elements in an attempt to improve the assembly process and overall quality of the finished product. While there are several different types of test strategies that can be employed, depending on the needs of the client, EMC Technologies has become particularly adept in the design and manufacture of custom functional test solutions. We serve a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics and other products, as well as industrial clients, such as military and defense, telecommunications, medical, and networking. Learning to overcome increasingly complex obstacles and challenges for our clients has helped us to stay on the cutting edge in the development of effective testing solutions.

The Importance of Functional Testing

For many industries, functional testing is something that is used during the development, production, and post-production to ensure the quality control and function of the product. At EMC Technologies, we have found that we are the most successful in our efforts to design custom functional test solutions when we are able to get involved early on in the engineering and development stages. We are proud to have earned the respect and loyal business of many clients who have worked with us over many years in their quest for electronic test industry solutions. They consider our team to be a partner in their test challenges as we take on smaller targets, faster speeds, new technologies, and increased company outsourcing together as the future unfolds.

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who excel within their specific areas of knowledge. For example, our staff includes mechanical, electrical, and PCB engineers and technicians – even our sales support group is made up of sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers. This helps us to communicate effectively with clients from the very beginning, providing support and understanding of their needs before we even begin to work together on the project. We assign a project manager to each order to work as the coordination and communication link between our various departments. This helps to ensure that all projects run smoothly and efficiently to maximize the return on investment for the client and assure complete satisfaction.

Multi-Stage Testing Solutions

When it comes to wired functional testing and wireless functional testing for printed circuit boards (PCBs), the final testing phase is all about the functionality of the finished project itself. How does it work, does it perform as intended, and will it stand up to use in the expected environment by the end-user? These are just some of the questions that functional testing is designed to answer. However, there are other types of custom functional test solutions that are used throughout the various stages of design, development, prototyping, and production that can be used to reduce costly mistakes and fine-tune the design of the project for the best possible results. Even in the very beginning, a functional tester should look at the entire product as a whole to ensure that everything will work together once it is assembled.

Testing the function of the PCB, the functional tester interfaces through a test point to the printed circuit board itself. This can be done with single-layer, multi-layer, and other more complicated designs. The point of the custom functional test is to replicate the final electrical environment of the intended end-user to ensure that it works effectively as it was designed to do. A variety of applications can be used, depending on the product itself, such as interfacing with a communications device, consumer electronic, modem, or electricity, to ensure that everything works properly. Specialized variables and considerations can be used, such as radio frequency (RF) test fixtures or custom connections, to ensure that the finished product will work in the way that it was intended. EMC Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of custom functional test solutions for our clients to ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of the product that is being developed.

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