wireless functional testing advantagesMany of our clients come to us in need of a custom functional test solution that will help them to reduce debugging time and maintenance for a more simplified process. Of course, highly reliable and repeatable results are also essential for the best possible test performance. As technology demands evolve, smaller targets and ultra high node counts are also becoming standard for many of our customers. As circuit boards become more complex, the testing requirements become more complicated as well. Wireless functional testing solves many of the challenges, getting away from issues caused by long wire fixtures.

Depending on the industry served, and the product or system being tested, a universal test station or mobile test station option might be best for the client. We work with each customer to identify their needs and requirements at the onset of our working relationship to provide them with the best possible solutions. In addition to wireless functional testing, accommodations for RF functional testing and custom testing options can be used to achieve the desired results. The sooner we can start working with the client in the development phase, the more satisfied they will be with the solution and the more beneficial it will be for their testing needs overall.

Why Wireless Functional Testing is Better

When you consider all of the issues surrounding long or short wire testing solutions, there are many obvious reasons why wireless functional testing is better. Compared to standard wired fixtures, nearly every benefit of wireless custom functional test solutions is improved across the board. Wireless options provide a much cleaner signal, which allows testing to be performed at a much faster rate. The internal electronics of the fixture itself are neater and more compact, which allows an enhanced performance when testing the unit under test (UUT) by the client. The reliable, repeatable results achieved with wireless functional testing are required, especially for demanding industries like military, defense, and aerospace.

Other benefits include the size of this fixture, which can be much smaller than short or long wired solutions, resulting in a much lighter weight test option. Because it is wireless, the test fixtures will never block the resources, allowing for greater test coverage and the ability to test larger UUTs with smaller custom functional test fixtures. When it comes to duplicating the wireless fixtures for use with other universal test station or RF functional testing options, it is much easier to provide identical testing performance for more significant cost savings, stability, and accuracy. When you consider all of the benefits associated with wireless functional testing, it becomes clear why this option is the most popular among our customers.

What We Do

EMC Technologies provides our clients with the ability to design and manufacture wireless functional testing solutions that are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies. We have worked with specific industries for many years, such as military and defense, but also have extensive experience working with commercial applications in the areas of networking, telecommunications, medical, computer servers, and satellite TV/IP, just to name a few. Our diverse array of clients has helped us to expand our knowledge and hands-on experience with custom functional test design, providing us with the means necessary to stay on the cutting edge of the functional test industry.

Our team of engineers and technicians have also worked to develop highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) to support clients in the areas of military, subcontracted military programs, and aerospace. We take pride in being able to keep up with so many unique clients and provide solutions for challenging products as we continue to grow in our ability to create RF functional testing, wireless functional testing, and custom functional test solutions with the latest testing strategies. We work with mobile and universal test station options, depending on the customer’s needs, and have a wide range of solutions available to meet the demands of a growing industry.

Some of the ITAs that we have developed in the past include:

  • removable access panels
  • redundant interface with multiple connections to a single point
  • custom utility boards for PCBs with additional loads, relays, etc.
  • custom backplane PCBs with power and ground connections

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