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Wireless Functional Testing: Custom Solutions for Industry

Wireless Functional TestingTechnology manufacturers all around the world rely on advancements made by the electronic test industry. It is used it for many different types of products. However, the fastest growing tech industry relies on wireless functional testing. Research and Development departments use functional test fixtures to test and measure their products to ensure quality design. While there are many standard options available through our functional test division, it is the advanced work done by our custom functional test division that makes the most significant impact.

The customizations that we create for our clients helps to define new standards and develop new test procedures for new technology. We work with each client on a case-by-case basis to develop new test gear that will meet their specifications. The continued work that we do in custom development helps to advance wireless functional testing as a whole. Our engineers work with many different industries, which also benefits all of our other clients through diversified technology needs. There are various factors that influence the trends and advancements made in our functional test division.

Mobile Communications

One of the industries that is pushing change the most right now is the mobile communications industry. Wireless functional testing is instrumental in the development of 5G technology, advances made to Wi-Fi, and our ever-expanding use of the Internet of Things. Mobile communications have integrated into many different areas of our daily lives, from cellular phone technology to smart devices in our homes. Development is continuous, and many of the standards for these technologies still are not set in stone. As a result, functional test fixtures for these wireless devices are essential.

There are challenges associated with the development of 5G technology, particularly in the area of millimeter-wave frequencies. As new waveforms are defined, new methods of testing beamforming antennas are going to be needed. For many manufacturers that are working in this area, custom functional test development is critical. More flexible solutions are necessary for the manufacturers to be successful in product development for 5G technology. Vector signal analyzers, flexible signal sources – these are just some of the hurdles that they will need to overcome.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology manufacturers are challenged by consumer demand for devices that support IoT. It is currently the biggest influence in design for microwave and radio frequency (RF), which means that testing solutions for these products are also in demand. Testing and measurement, as well as new wireless standards, are needed for these new devices. Custom functional test development is an essential part of the process.

New systems are being designed for a wide range of new and advanced products. As a result, companies need versatile options for wireless functional testing and other types of testing instrumentation. Today’s engineers are required to have RF design experience due to the increased demand. There is such a wide variety of products designed and manufactured for IoT, which involves a lot of versatility when it comes to functional test fixtures.

Testing Challenges

With all of this emergent technology, engineers are challenged to design test equipment that can keep up with the demand. The equipment needs to provide the required signals quickly, accurately, and with consistent repeatability. Manufacturers will want multiple box test systems available “off the shelf” that they can use for development. Test solutions for wireless functional testing and other types of functional test fixtures need to be able to generate and analyze wideband signals. They need to work with digital signals at the higher frequencies of microwave and millimeter-wave.

All of these new products, devices, and standards will require custom developments for wireless functional testing within the testing industry. Our functional test division can create user-specific functional test fixtures for our clients based on their unique needs. A custom functional test for this type of development also needs to address legacy technologies, while looking forward to new requirements for 5G and IoT verifications. They also need to be built on flexible platforms that can be easily upgraded to meet new technology and standards as they develop.

Custom Testing Solutions at EMC Technologies

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work to design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures. Our testing equipment is used to verify the performance of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies. We have designed custom commercial applications for clients in many different industries, including computer servers, satellite TV/IP, networking, telecom, and medical. We have even developed highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) for clients in the military and aerospace fields.

If you are interested in learning more about EMC Technologies and our custom functional test division, please give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, we provide functional test fixtures and other testing equipment to clients all across the country and around the globe.