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Wired & Wireless Functional Testing for the Medical Industry

When it comes to industry testing solutions for the medical products and electronics, rigorous validation and acceptance testing is required to either meet or exceed internal requirements. Hardware and software solutions used in functional test fixtures for wired and wireless functional testing is co-developed at the same time in order to meet the test, time, and cost constraints. In some situations, mobile computer-based test stations can provide better financial efficiency while still offering a wide variety of testing solutions.

In-Circuit Testing Solutions
The difference between functional test fixtures and an in-circuit test (ICT) fixture is that the ICT tests an individual component of a printed circuit board (PCB) one at a time. Functional test fixtures, on the other hand, are designed to test whether a PCB is functioning correctly by applying a stimulus to the assembly and then verifying the response. The in-circuit test fixture compares the results of each individual test against a software model of the parameters for the component. It is extremely effective at being able to discover any defects that occurred during the manufacturing process, even though it does not test at speed.

Manufacturing defects, such as open connections, solder shorts, and even wrong or missing components can be quickly discovered using an in-circuit test fixture as primary industry testing solutions. This type of test can be performed without power being applied to the device during testing, which eliminates the risk of causing assembly damage during the process. However, an in-circuit test fixture cannot test continuity through connectors, so if there are any faults in the connectors, they will not be identified if this type of PCB testing is the only source of testing. This is why many manufacturers utilize multiple industry testing solutions, such as functional test fixtures, to ensure the quality of their products or devices.

Traditional vs. Functional Safety Testing
A traditional safety test performs industry testing solutions that focus on potential hazards that can come from electrical, mechanical, or other types of design issues during use. Functional test fixtures are different, they provide an extra step that focuses on the reliability of the product to function safely in response to inputs. This type of wired or wireless functional testing provides quality assurance that the systems within the device will operate correctly, reducing the probability and severity of harm being caused should the product malfunction. This is extremely important in the medical industry where a failure could have dire consequences to the patient.

This phase of product testing is extremely important to medical device manufacturers, as well as the companies that import and resell their products. The devices used in the medical industry could seriously impact the safety, health, and well-being of patients, as well as the operators who use them in a healthcare treatment situation. By performing an in-circuit test fixture and comprehensive functional test fixtures, manufacturers can be sure that the medical devices that they design and produce are functionally safe. Proven safety through industry testing solutions and quality control help to boost positive associations with the brand for healthcare workers, administrators, physicians, and patients.

An Important Step
Performing robust and reliable industry testing solutions for medical devices, products, and other equipment is a very important step in the manufacturing process. It is essential for manufacturers who want to transform their design into a marketable and reliable product. At EMC Technologies, we work with our clients to create custom functional test fixtures and in-circuit test fixture solutions for wired and wireless functional testing that is engineered to meet the demands and requirements of the medical industry. These tests help device manufacturers to show compliance with industry standards, meeting regulations here in North America and around the globe.

When you contact EMC Technologies to discuss your needs for industry testing solutions, you can expect that you will be working with a team of professional engineers and technicians all working together to meet or exceed your expectations. Our team is trained and experienced in the latest tools, technology, and equipment for mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit boards. Whether you need wired or wireless functional testing, in-circuit test fixture solutions or functional test fixtures, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to schedule a consultation or to get a FREE QUOTE for any of the services that we provide. You can trust EMC Technologies to provide you with the industry testing solutions you need to design and manufacture a superior medical device or product.