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Test Systems & Integration: Functional Testing for Data Centers

Highly flexible test solutions are required for functional test fixtures used for data servers. It is important to find services within the electronic test industry that will be both cost-effective and easy-to-adapt for high-volume and complex testing procedures. The testing systems must be designed to meet testing, time, and cost constraints. Mobile computer-based universal test stations must be engineered to provide a variety of test solutions to provide effective and efficient results. Test systems and integration are essential, providing for built-in computer and monitor and interface test adapters.

Universal and Test-Specific Stations
At EMC Technologies our mobile test station features well-organized and documented station wiring and configurations, expansion areas designed with an easy-to-use adaptor and panels, and engineered fast access to all inside resources. We work with both universal test station and test-specific stations to provide quality electronic test industry solutions.

  • Universal Test Station – A universal test station can be used to provide precise testing solutions and expansion capabilities while reducing the cost for similar configurations and product types. At EMC Technologies, our universal test station is designed with a front slide-out rack shelving for easy instrument removal to facilitate frequent calibration, a center fixture receiver backplane that is interchangeable with other fixtures, and soft tie downs and organized wire harnessing designed for rapid access and expansion requirements. The universal test station uses LabVIEW software via IEEE 488 buss for test instrument communication.
  • Test-Specific Stations – Included features for test-specific stations include temperature and hood vibration, stations that are compliant with EMI, RF, and EMC, as well as mechanical only holding, clamping, and multi-axis stations. Other features include thermal hoods and plenum interface distribution systems, active and passive electronic loads and load simulators, microcontact to sizeable industrial plant stations, and video, non-contact, infra-red, laser, and barcode sensor stations. Integrated electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic stations can be included features as well.

Why Data Center Functional Testing Matters
Many businesses today put a lot of trust in the reliability of their data centers. The workloads that now take place within the average data center facility is much more dynamic than it has ever been before in the growing world of data communications. Virtualization, advanced storage area networks, and other technologies have helped Information Technology (IT) teams to take advantage of tech resources within the data center to reduce the amount of hardware required on the rack. As a result, the need to perform regular functional testing has become very vital to the success of the business as a whole.

Test systems and integration of functional test fixtures from the electronic test industry are designed to verify the performance of the physical infrastructure of a data center against your requirements. The areas that are most often tested include power and cooling. While testing is commonplace in data centers around the globe, it is important to use interface test adapters and a universal test station to verify that the unit can support its full capacity with increased usage and dependency. While most data centers are designed to last 20-25 years in the future, however, the technology evolves, adapts, and changes about every two to three years. As a result, a data center that was built just five years ago isn’t likely able to handle the changes in computing infrastructure that we see today.

What Could Go Wrong?
Functional test fixtures help data center engineers spot small issues before they become significant problems. The test systems and integration that was performed several years ago when your data center was built won’t give you the data you need today regarding infrastructure performance. The changes in technology and computing density likely make it unable to support the needs for power and cooling. The primary concern about all of the virtualization that is being done in the business world today is that the data center’s cooling system won’t be able to support the change in per rack density. A universal test station and other functional test fixtures can be used to verify the power and cooling performance of the data center’s infrastructure to help identify changes that need to be made to meet the demand.

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