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Machining and Prototyping: Advantages of a One-Stop Test Shop

When it comes to the design, development, and manufacture of RF circuit assemblies and wireless functional testing, it pays to work with a company that can provide you with one-stop services for the development of electronic test industry solutions. At EMC Technologies, we don’t just offer design and engineering for custom test solutions; we also do all of our own machining and prototyping in-house. There are many benefits associated with hiring a company that does everything under one roof. Our project managers provide a single point of contact for communications, making the entire process of custom functional test fixtures and in-circuit test assemblies even easier.

Improved Efficiency

The centralization of all the processes under one roof, including engineering and design, machining and prototyping, testing and sales, makes it easier for our clients to get what they want without having to spend a lot of time working on it themselves. By eliminating outside vendors and processes outside of our Massachusetts location, we are able to more efficiently develop the solutions that our clients require without all of the delays that you would typically experience by outsourcing the various parts of the process.

Reduced Costs

When you do everything under one roof, from the development of custom wired and wireless functional testing to the manufacture of RF circuit assemblies, it reduces the cost considerably. Once again, it is the elimination of having to send things out to other vendors in the middle of the process that helps to keep the costs down. Outsourcing various services means multiple fabrication stops, longer lead times, higher shipping costs, and a longer supply chain, all of which adds up quickly in dollars and cents.

Quality Control

EMC Technologies keeps all of our services, from development to production, under one roof because it gives us greater quality control. We have earned a solid reputation with our clients for producing quality custom test solutions. Sending work out to other resources would only diminish our ability to ensure that quality control is at the standard that we have set for ourselves. From engineering to machining and prototyping, manufacturing to testing, we are committed to providing our clients with unbeatable quality control for all of the electronic test industry solutions that we create.

Greater Flexibility

Another advantage of doing everything at a one-stop shop is that it is easier for us to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients. We are able to make adjustments as-needed according to your specifications due to our increased ability to monitor development and production in-house. We assist in the selection of everything from materials to methods, which helps us to meet our client’s objectives better and have the ability to address any issues that may come up in real-time.

Machining and Prototyping

EMC Technologies offers a full-service in-house machining and metal fabrication shop, which includes CNC milling centers, lathes, knee mills, sheet metal brakes, and drilling equipment. We are able to fabricate nearly any machined part, ranging from the simplest of aluminum pieces to a tight-tolerance, highly complicated part. Our one-stop shop even provides us with the ability to run high-volume parts in-house or perform prototyping services. We can even support a full turn-key project, including everything you require, from engineering services and assembly or a simple “build to print” machined prototype.

Our entire team goes above and beyond the basic “box” approach used by many contract designers and manufacturers. When we say “full service,” we mean full service. We address each project as a complete system, whether you require wired or wireless function testing, basic RF circuit assemblies, or custom test solutions. We provide the evaluation of package limitations, dimensioning and tolerance issues, interfacing conditions, environmental constraints, and even address mounting requirements. EMC Technologies services many different industries, including avionics, industrial, medical, communications, and military markets.

Contact EMC Technologies

If you are interested in learning more about our custom solutions for engineering and design or machining and prototyping of custom test solutions, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, we provide our top quality custom industry solutions to clients all over the globe. Call today to learn more about our services and products, including wireless functional testing, functional test fixtures, RF circuit assemblies, and custom cables.