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Functional Test Fixtures for the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry encompasses a combination of audio, video, and data communications that are sent across both wired and wireless networks. Today, everyday consumers rely heavily on quality products that are produced by the telecommunications industry for entertainment, personal communications, business, and much more. Our dependency on the telecom industry has grown and become an essential part of our daily lives. Manufacturers who create devices that are designed to be used for telecommunications need to create reliable products that are durable enough to continue working even in the harshest of conditions.

Functional test fixtures are used to provide wired and wireless functional testing of electronic devices that are created for telecommunications purposes. Automated test equipment and custom solutions are used to enable manufacturers to effectively test the quality of their products before they are released to consumers. Some of the telecommunication electronic sub-assemblies that benefit from testing include WAN and access products, wireless communications, fiber optics, VoIP communications products, and cable transmission devices.

Custom Test Fixture Design and Manufacturing
At EMC Technologies, our team of engineers works with each client to create custom solutions to ensure quality control. We provide a broad range of solutions, including automated test equipment, wired and wireless functional testing, circuit card assemblies, and other types of functional test fixtures. Our team is experienced in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical solutions that are designed to interface between the telecommunications products and other electronics and the testing equipment.

Functional test fixtures refer to mechanical functional testing, which is performed during the last phase of production to ensure quality results. It is often referred to in manufacturing as the “final quality control test,” as it is done to ensure that all of the specifications of the engineering and design were carried out in the production line. The process of the actual functional test fixtures is determined by the type of environment in which the product is expected to operate, checking for things like water-proof, water-resistance, and other issues that could cause problems with functionality.

Better Testing, Better Products
While there are lots of companies out there that offer similar services, automated test equipment, functional test fixtures, testing of circuit card assemblies, wired and wireless functional testing, not all solutions are created equal. EMC Technologies takes pride in our ability to create robust, precise, and repeatable testing solutions for our clients. Our cutting-edge RF testing adapters and custom solutions set us apart in an ever-growing and evolving industry. Our continued work in the telecommunications industry has helped us to stay on top of the latest technology to better meet the needs of our clients. Our mission is to continue creating better automated test equipment and functional test fixtures for our clients to help them continue to produce better quality products for consumers.

The real secret to our success is our commitment to working one-on-one with each client to develop custom wired and wireless functional testing solutions that are engineered to meet or exceed their expectations. Circuit card assemblies, RF functional testing, electronic card assemblies, and other products are all fine-tuned and customized according to meet the unique requirements of each client we serve. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers will listen to your needs and then integrate everything that we have learned about your goals into the development of our testing solutions. We will work with you to find the absolute best testing solution for your telecommunications device according to your needs and your budget.

Partner With EMC Technologies for Telecommunications Device Testing
If you work in the telecommunications industry and are interested in learning more about our custom functional test fixtures, make sure to give us a call at 508-672-0808. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, EMC Technologies provides quality services for clients all over the globe. Our customers consider us to be a partner in their test challenges, and we take pride in the sheer volume of loyal customers that we have worked with over the years. At EMC Technologies, we know that when we work together, we can create better results than if we were to work alone. Call today and get a FREE QUOTE for any of the services we provide for automated test equipment, wired and wireless functional testing, and other functional test fixtures for circuit card assemblies, RF fixtures, and other essential solutions.