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Designing and Manufacturing Custom Functional Test Fixtures

Design Custom Functional Test Fixtures for IndustryFunctional test fixtures play a significant part in the production process. A custom functional test is designed specifically to perform certain functional tests on parts, components, and sub-assemblies while the manufacturing is in production. Depending on the needs of the client, additional elements may be added, including calibration aids and other custom functional test options. Data is collected via software, which can be used to collect real-time statistics that are checked for trends and variances in performance.

The functional test division at EMC Technologies works with clients in the designing and manufacturing of custom functional test fixtures. Some of these designs are straight-forward and simple, while others are much more complex, including multiple technologies for testing. A wide range of industries relies on custom functional test services to ensure quality and consistency in the parts, products, and components that they manufacture. From telecommunications to avionics, electronics to defense, there is no end to the ways that functional test fixtures can be used to improve the products created by these industries.

System Failure Modes

Our team in the functional test division works to provide clients with a means to test their products and systems in a potential failure system mode. Before this can be accomplished, examples of a failed system must be performed for accuracy. Each instance is analyzed to determine the probability of recurrence and relation to other failure modes. This helps the designing and manufacturing of the custom functional test to better identify failures as early as possible in production so corrections can be made. While some tests can be conducted using commercial test equipment with the aid of basic fixtures, other tests will require the use of custom functional test fixtures to truly test the performance.

In fact, some tests will also require the use of custom data collection hardware to be constructed for use on the production line to accommodate the needs of the client. Others will require custom electronic stimulus in order to properly provide testing. Depending on the industry, certain regulatory requirements may demand that the data collected by the test stations and the functional test division be stored, archived, and reported with the corresponding product lot information. EMC Technologies can help our clients with the designing and manufacturing of a custom functional test and any fixtures, data collection hardware, and other elements that are required for effective testing.

Identifying the Objectives

Before our functional test division can create custom solutions for our clients, we need to first identify the objectives of the tests. While some situations may benefit from standard functional test fixtures in an “out of the box” type situation, others will demand something unique and custom to suit their specific needs. It is important to pinpoint the objectives of the testing itself to provide better the parameters required for designing and manufacturing a custom functional test. Some testing will require that the faulty components are identified and tracked continuously before they cross over to an unacceptable limit. Others will require that the functional test fixtures mimic the performance of the product, part, or component in a specific surrounding system.

Platforms can be provided that address needs, such as aligning, calibrating, and adjusting the assemblies when design cannot overcome such adjustments. Most functional test fixtures need to be rugged in their design to provide long-lasting durability for the duration of the testing process. Depending on the situation or environment where testing will occur, strength might be measured depending on resistance to weight, vibration, altitude, or extreme temperatures, as well as other types of situations. Our goal is to create a custom functional test that will meet or exceed the expectations of the client to provide them with solutions that will perform as required.

The EMC Technologies Functional Test Division

If you are in need of a custom solution for functional test fixtures, you can count on EMC for designing and manufacturing of wired and wireless functional test interface equipment. Whether you need to test printed circuit board (PCB) panels and assemblies or require solutions for commercial applications, our team can help you to achieve your goals. We work with many different industries, including medical, networking, computer servers, and satellite TV/IP. Our team has also worked to develop highly customized ITAs for military airplane programs and have assisted in the development of custom functional test options for multinational missile defense programs for military clients. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered to work with military/defense clients.