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Custom Test Solutions: Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

There are many advantages associated with using custom design and manufacturing for functional test fixtures. These custom test solutions can be used for either wired or wireless functional testing, providing an essential service for industry. The purpose of functional test fixtures is to verify the performance of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) and Electronic Assemblies. A few of the industries that benefit from custom test solutions include the healthcare industry, networking and telecommunications industries, computer servers and hosting industries, and satellite television/internet protocol industries.

In addition to functional test fixtures, businesses rely on highly customized Interface Test Adapters (ITAs), particularly those that work in aerospace, military, and subcontracted military programs. EMC Technologies has experience working with clients in these industries and has the knowledge and experience required to create testing strategies designed to satisfy their demands. Our track record with these types of industries has helped us to stay current with the latest solutions for functional test fixtures, RF functional testing, and other custom test solutions.

The Advantages of Functional Test Fixtures
When it comes to the custom design and manufacturing of testing strategies for functional test fixtures and other custom test solutions, there are many clear advantages for the industries who depend on them for product development. Producing a quality product, whether it is for commercial or consumer use, is vital to the success of the brand. A company that does not perform testing will ultimately produce poor quality products, which will earn them negative feedback, ratings, and reviews from customers.

The top advantages associated with the use of functional test fixtures include:

  • customer satisfaction – a quality product equals a satisfied customer or end-user
  • standards compliance – works to ensure that all requirements and regulations are met
  • liability reduction – ensures that the product is safe and that risks are reduced
  • increased return on investment – prevents loss due to poor quality products
  • reduces manufacturing defects – early testing creates defect-free products
  • improved function – testing makes sure all functionalities are working properly

When functional test fixtures and RF functional testing is performed, companies protect their business and brand by ensuring that they are producing a quality product that customers can rely on to perform as promised. The development of custom design and manufacturing for custom test solutions can be used for new technology and products that require additional testing parameters not available through standard testing solutions that are already available.

Custom Engineering & Design at EMC Technologies
Learning to think outside the box is essential to the development of custom test solutions. At EMC Technologies, we work with our clients to provide a full-service custom design and manufacturing to assist in the production of a quality and superior product. When it comes to our RF functional testing solutions, our cutting-edge RF testing adapters provide the means to develop options that are robust, precise, and repeatable. We are proud of the work that our engineering and design team does for our clients, as they work diligently to address each product as a complete system, including an evaluation of all elements related to the product. Package limitations, dimensioning and tolerance issues, interfacing conditions, mounting requirements, and environmental constraints are all taken into consideration when developing custom test solutions.

Our many years of experience with electro-mechanical design as applied to avionics, aerospace, industrial, medical, communications, and military markets has helped us to have the means necessary to produce manufacturable world-class designs more efficiently and more effectively. Our engineering and design team has the ability to do a lot of fabrication in-house, including CNC milling, drilling, machining, and other types of metal fabricating. This helps us to better serve our clients by enabling us to fabricate just about any machined part. Whether there is a need for complex tight-tolerance parts or very basic and simple aluminum pieces, we can take care of it all. Basic prototyping services, including a “built to print” machined prototype, as well as high-volume parts for a full turn-key project that includes all of the custom design and manufacturing, engineering services, and assembly, can also be provided.

To learn more about how EMC Technologies and our custom test solutions for functional test fixtures and RF functional testing can be a benefit to your business, give us a call at 508-672-0808. Our team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced engineers and technicians can help you to achieve your goals through custom design and manufacturing solutions. We design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that can be used to verify the performance of electronic assemblies and circuit card assemblies. Call today for a FREE QUOTE on any of the quality services that we provide.