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Custom Printed Circuit Board Design, Manufacturing & Assembly

One of the many terms that you will become familiar with when you work with custom design and manufacturing of electronic test solutions is PCB or the printed circuit board. We work closely with our clients to develop everything they need to accommodate their unique requirements, including RF circuit assemblies, custom wiring, and interface test adapters. The designs that we use can be developed entirely by our team of engineers and designers, or it can come directly from the customer’s specifications. We prefer to work as a team with our clients to design, manufacture, and assemble custom solutions for best results.

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

A printed circuit board or PCB is used in many different types of electronic and electric products, including passive switch boxes. The PCB is designed to support mechanically and connect electrically various electronic components or electric components through the use of conductive tracks, pads, and other features etched from sheet layers of copper and laminated onto or in between sheet layers of a substrate that is non-conductive. The components are typically soldered onto the printed circuit board or PCB.

Designs for PCBs can be fundamental, ranging from a simple double-sided design to a much more complex multi-layer design. The design and manufacture of a printed circuit board is a crucial component of the interface test adapter used for RF circuit assemblies and custom test solutions. Some of the reasons that we use PCBs is that they provide a greater signal integrity and repeatability, which works to reduce debugging and troubleshooting time, as well as the ability to create faster and less expensive exact duplicates of the interface test adapter. PCBs help to facilitate a simplified maintenance when performing testing at a high volumes.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and designers at EMC Technologies go above and beyond the typical approach used by most contract designers and manufacturers. Our mission is to provide our customers with full-service custom design and manufacturing that exceeds their past experiences and current expectations. Each project is addressed by our team as a complete system, from the initial evaluation all the way to assembly and mounting requirements, we will work with you every step of the way. Other elements of the solutions that we provide include custom design of RF circuit assemblies, custom wiring, and printed circuit board engineering.

The goal of this approach is to include services that address all of your needs, including package limitations, interfacing conditions, environmental constraints, dimensioning issues, and tolerance concerns. Our services are used by clients who work across many different fields, including electro-mechanical design for avionics, military, communications, industrial, and medical industries. The knowledge and experience that we have gained in working for such advanced and tech-savvy markets has helped us to continue our growth and techniques to design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble solutions that rely on world-class custom design and manufacturing for the electronic test industry.

PCB Testing Solutions

Once the printed circuit board has been manufactured, assembled, and populated, testing can occur for quality assurance. There are a couple of ways that PCBs can be tested. With the power off, an automated optical inspection or visual inspection is typically performed to maintain quality control in PCB manufacturing. Power-off testing can also be performed using analog signature analysis. For power-on testing, an in-circuit test can be used to perform physical measurements, such as voltage. This ensures that the custom wiring was assembled and appropriately populated. Other functional tests can also be conducted to make sure that the printed circuit board does what it was designed to do.

Additional pads are added to PCBs for the purpose of temporary connections that will be used during the testing phase. For example, an in-circuit test can be used to test features of some components using a boundary scan test. It can also be used to program the non-volatile memory components onto the PCB. If the printed circuit board fails, technicians can desolder and replace any parts that have failed. EMC Technologies provides a wide range of services, including contract manufacturing for printed circuit board design, fabrication, assembly, and testing, as well as electro-mechanical assembly, custom wiring solutions, and built to print test adapters for commercial products.

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