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Custom Functional Test Fixtures for Electronic Test Industry

Custom Functional Test FixturesToday’s manufacturers rely heavily on the electronic test industry to ensure quality products for consumers and commercial industry. Functional test fixtures are used both alone and in addition to in-circuit testing to meet the needs of clients. A custom functional test may be required for both simple and complex testing situations, depending on the product and the way that it is intended to be used. Wireless functional testing and wired solutions can also be used to meet the demands of the situation. Options for both manual and automated test equipment are available to conform to industry regulations and client specifications.

Quality Control for Best Results

It is important for manufacturers to work with a company that can supply them with all of the custom functional test and automated test equipment they need to ensure quality control for the products that they design, manufacture and sell. EMC Technologies designs and manufactures standard and custom wired and wireless functional testing interface equipment for our clients. Our functional test fixtures are used to test PCBs and assemblies for many different industries in a wide range of unique applications.

Over the years we have gained experience in working with clients who are in the telecommunications, networking, medical, military, computer, and satellite TV/IP industries. Our many years of experience working with groundbreaking technology has helped us to become a leader in the development of highly customized ITAs to support aerospace, military, and even multi-national missile programs for military clients and contractors. We are extremely proficient in areas that include high speed, tight tolerance, temperature, RF test fixtures, and test racks.

Simple & Complex Testing Methods

Functional test fixtures are mainly used as an electro-mechanical solution to interface the product that is being made and sold by the client for testing with measurement equipment. Simple methods require a solution to be created in the form of a basic test that is either strictly mechanical as a standalone for the use and function of the product. More complex situations can require the interface with high-tech testing equipment and software to measure certain functions and criteria to evaluate the quality of the product better. A custom functional test can be developed with the client to meet their specific needs.

EMC Technologies works with each client to determine their requirements and find a solution that will either meet or exceed their expectations. We also stock a full line of mass interconnect products that can be used as part of larger wired or wireless functional testing, including receivers, kits, and blocks. In addition, we sell a complete line of functional test fixtures and products designed specifically for VXI and PXI applications, which use interface/connectors as platforms, including well-known brands like Agilent, Teradyne, and Virginia Panel. It is our goal to supply all of the equipment needed to provide complete electrical and manufacturing support that can be used to create a turn-key solution for all of your manual and automated test equipment interface needs.

Custom Designed & Manufactured

EMC Technologies has the unique ability to design and manufacture custom functional test solutions for our clients at our Fall River, Massachusetts location. Our facility boasts a fully equipped machine shop and a complete electro-mechanical assembly department, which enables us to provide top quality results that meet even the most demanding industry requirements. We work with a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who specialize in mechanical, electrical, and PCB design and manufacturing for top quality functional test fixtures and components. Our shop works with the latest technology, design tools, and equipment, and even our sales team is made up of experienced engineers, who specialize in sales, applications, and technical project management.

Clients need only to work with one of our project managers as a single point of contact to effectively coordinate and communicate with our entire sales, design, engineering, and testing departments. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction, improve communications, and ensure that every single team member from sales to testing knows what they need to do in the development of custom functional test fixtures and automated test equipment to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Continuous training is provided to each member of our team to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve with regard to the technologies that drive the functional test fixtures industry.

Contact EMC Technologies for Custom Functional Testing

If you are in the market to design and manufacture custom functional test fixtures for your business, contact EMC Technologies. ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, our mission is to meet our customers’ stringent requirements in the areas of innovation, fabrication, and time-to-market for every single client we serve. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 and speak with one of our team members about your needs in the area of manual and automated test equipment for wired and wireless functional testing in industry.