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Custom Functional Test Fixtures: Designed for Server Testing

There are many tech-based industries that rely on custom functional test fixtures for performance verification. EMC Technologies designs and manufactures custom test solutions for clients according to their specific needs, ranging from fundamental to complex capabilities. The electronic test industry has grown and expanded to meet the demands of a growing technology industry, particularly in the area of data server testing. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers works with each client to evaluate their requirements so we can design custom fixtures. This is an important step, as the communications between the client and the engineering team are vital to achieving the end goal of the functional test fixtures or in-circuit test fixture, depending on the client’s needs.

Research & Development

Our custom test solutions can be used at several points in manufacturing, including the research and development (R&D) phase, as well as in production environments. Our fully custom functional test fixtures and other electronic test industry solutions are designed for use wherever the client needs to apply them for best results. Our team designs and manufactures discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that can be used to provide performance verification of PCBs and electronic assemblies.

In addition to building custom test solutions for computer servers and the data server industry, we have also worked with several other related technology-based businesses, including telecommunications, networking, and satellite TV/IP industries. The use of functional test fixtures is vital to the success of these industries, offering the means to reliably test and verify the quality of the manufactured equipment for use with computer servers and other related equipment.

Customized Interface Test Adapters

In addition to designing and manufacturing custom functional test fixtures, EMC Technologies also develops highly customized ITAs or Interface Test Adapters. We have done this specifically for military, aerospace, and subcontracted military programs. However, the experience and knowledge gained from these projects have helped us to stay current with the latest testing strategies within the electronic test industry. We have developed ITAs with a custom backplane PCB for power and ground connections, a custom utility board PCB for additional loads and relays, removable access panels, and a redundant interface with multiple links to a single point.

Test Systems & Integration

The work that we do at EMC Technologies for computer servers, data, and telecommunications industries, will often require us also to develop highly flexible custom test solutions. They must be cost-effective and easily adaptable, allowing our clients to use them for high-volume testing or in complicated situations. To keep up with industry demands, hardware and software are co-developed at the same time. This helps to meet time constraints, as well as reduce costs. Some of our clients prefer mobile computer-based test stations, which can be used to provide a variety of test solutions more cost-effectively.

All of these custom options help to offer even more advantages to our clients within the electronic test industry. Integrating tried and tested hardware and test resources with new products and solutions can help to lower test development times and decrease costs across the board. Furthermore, universal test stations can be used to expand capabilities, provide precise test solutions, and also lower costs compared to other custom test solutions. The computer server industry also uses test-specific stations, based upon the client’s needs. There are many included features which allow them to be used according to their unique requirements for best results.

Custom Functional Test Fixtures

If you work in the computer server industry and need custom test solutions, such as functional test fixtures or an in-circuit test fixture, EMC Technologies can help you to achieve your goals. Our team of engineers will work with you to develop custom solutions for the electronic test industry that are designed to meet your specifications. We provide a single point of contact for each client to work with, in the development of their custom test solutions. Our project managers act as the communications link between the customer and the rest of our team. The coordinate all efforts with the engineers, designers, sales team, and testing departments to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of every client we serve. From sales to testing, every member of our team receives continuous industry training to ensure that they are fully educated about the latest technologies in the electronic test industry. Contact EMC Technologies by calling 508-672-0808 or by using our online contact form.