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Custom Printed Circuit Board Design, Manufacturing & Assembly

Custom Printed Circuit Board

One of the many terms that you will become familiar with when you work with custom design and manufacturing of electronic test solutions is PCB or the printed circuit board. We work closely with our clients to develop everything they need to accommodate their unique requirements, including RF circuit assemblies, custom wiring, and interface test…

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What are RF Functional Testing Solutions & How Do They Work?

Radio Frequency Testing Solutions

The industry term RF stands for radio frequency, which is any frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum that is used or associated with radio wave propagation. In the simplest of terms, supplying an RF current to an antenna creates an electromagnetic field, which is then able to transmit energy through space. Many of the wireless technologies…

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In The News: Defense Missiles

At EMC, we are proud to be part of the missile defense industry. One of the features that truly separates EMC Technologies from other companies that provide custom solutions for functional test fixtures in the electronic test industry is that we start each product with customer input, incorporate customer feedback, and seek a review and approval…

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Machining and Prototyping: Advantages of a One-Stop Test Shop

When it comes to the design, development, and manufacture of RF circuit assemblies and wireless functional testing, it pays to work with a company that can provide you with one-stop services for the development of electronic test industry solutions. At EMC Technologies, we don’t just offer design and engineering for custom test solutions; we also…

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Functional Test Fixtures: Why Functional Testing is Important

There are many reasons why functional testing is important to the success of any manufacturing business. However, no other reason is as important as quality assurance. Whether you make everything yourself at your own factory or if you purchase sub-components from another manufacturer, you need to make sure that functional test fixtures are used to…

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Custom Functional Test Fixtures: Designed for Server Testing

There are many tech-based industries that rely on custom functional test fixtures for performance verification. EMC Technologies designs and manufactures custom test solutions for clients according to their specific needs, ranging from fundamental to complex capabilities. The electronic test industry has grown and expanded to meet the demands of a growing technology industry, particularly in…

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Interface Test Adapters: Customized Design and Manufacturing

Clients who are looking for cost-effective test fixture solutions that are designed specifically according to their needs and requirements can count on the custom design and manufacturing services available at EMC Technologies. We design and build custom interface test adapters (ITAs) for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for functional test systems. Our many years of experience,…

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Functional Test Fixtures for the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry encompasses a combination of audio, video, and data communications that are sent across both wired and wireless networks. Today, everyday consumers rely heavily on quality products that are produced by the telecommunications industry for entertainment, personal communications, business, and much more. Our dependency on the telecom industry has grown and become an…

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Wired & Wireless Functional Testing for the Medical Industry

When it comes to industry testing solutions for the medical products and electronics, rigorous validation and acceptance testing is required to either meet or exceed internal requirements. Hardware and software solutions used in functional test fixtures for wired and wireless functional testing is co-developed at the same time in order to meet the test, time,…

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Test Systems & Integration: Functional Testing for Data Centers

Highly flexible test solutions are required for functional test fixtures used for data servers. It is important to find services within the electronic test industry that will be both cost-effective and easy-to-adapt for high-volume and complex testing procedures. The testing systems must be designed to meet testing, time, and cost constraints. Mobile computer-based universal test…

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