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Mobile & Universal Test Systems for Functional Test Fixtures

functional test fixtures

We offer our clients the opportunity to work with a variety of different test system options based on their needs and requirements for functional test fixtures. The decision to choose between a mobile test station and a universal test station can depend on the product you are testing or where it will be tested. Mobile…

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Custom Functional Test Solutions: Printed Circuit Board Testing

printed circuit board testing

When it comes to custom testing solutions for the electronic test industry, one of the areas that we deal with the most is printed circuit board testing. Printed circuit boards or PCBs are used in many different types of electronic and electric products. The printed circuit board testing is a custom functional test that is…

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PCB Functional Test Fixtures for the Electronic Test Industry

PCB functional test fixtures

There are many benefits associated with custom product testing. This is true whether you are designing products for a particular industrial use or as a direct-to-consumer product. EMC Technologies is proud to partner directly with many of our clients to create custom solutions that will best suit their needs. We have expanded our abilities over…

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Benefits of Wireless and Discretely Wired Functional Testing

Discretely Wired Functional Testing

Custom product testing is used by many different industries to decrease liability issues and provide many other advantages. While some testing is required by industry or government regulations, other testing is done at the discretion of the manufacturer. At EMC Technologies, we provide comprehensive services from start to finish, offering a variety of wired functional…

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Technology Trends: Universal and Mobile Test Station Systems

mobile test station systems

The clients that we serve are facing changes within their respective industries that require them to adapt and create custom functional test fixtures to validate the products, systems, and components that they manufacture for their customers. As a result, EMC Technologies must also adapt and expand our knowledge to create discretely wired, wireless, and in-circuit…

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Custom Test Solutions: Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

custom test solutions for industry

Product developers and manufacturers use functional test fixtures as a final test after a product is manufactured to check for any malfunctions and make sure it performs as it should. Our functional test division at EMC Technologies works with each client to determine their unique needs and requirements when it comes to custom test solutions.…

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Custom Cables and Accessories for Functional Test Solutions

custom cables and accessories for functional test fixtures

While there are certain clients who can benefit from “off the shelf” options for things like mass interconnect products, as well as interface parts and components, but there are also situations where custom design and manufacturing is essential for every part of the testing solution. Custom cables and accessories play an important party in functional…

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Advantages of Wireless Functional Testing During Production

wireless functional testing advantages

Many of our clients come to us in need of a custom functional test solution that will help them to reduce debugging time and maintenance for a more simplified process. Of course, highly reliable and repeatable results are also essential for the best possible test performance. As technology demands evolve, smaller targets and ultra high…

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Specialized Functional Test Fixtures for RF Functional Testing

RF functional testing requirements

RF functional testing or radio frequency testing is essential for a wide range of different industries. The telecommunications industry, as you might have guessed, benefits significantly from the use of radio waves, microwaves, and all forms of electromagnetic energy from across the spectrum. Emitted by antennas, which transmit these waves as a form of electromagnetic…

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Design Functional Test Fixtures to Meet Industry Requirements

Military Functional Test Fixtures

Many businesses across multiple industries rely on the functional test fixtures from EMC Technologies functional test division. Discretely wired and wireless functional testing provides for fully operational power to be applied to a loaded printed circuit board (PCB) for testing. To find out if the PCB performs the functions that it was designed to perform,…

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