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EMC Tech Wireless Functional Testing for Electronic Assemblies

Wireless Functional Testing Electronic Assemblies

Our team at EMC Technologies has the ability to provide discretely wired and wireless functional testing fixtures that are designed for use with the performance verification of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) and Electronic Assemblies (EAs). When it comes right down to it, the testing of electronic assemblies involves three primary elements. The first is the…

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Flexible Test Solutions: Universal Test Stations & Equipment

Flexible Test Solutions

While we work with a lot of different industries at EMC Technologies, we also do specialized work depending on the unique needs of each client. Our clients who work in the data and telecommunications industries will often need highly flexible test solutions. They also require options that are cost-effective. These clients need their test solutions…

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Custom Design and Manufacturing of Functional Test Fixtures

Custom Design and Manufacturing Electronic Test Industry

The end result of your project is only as good as the custom test solutions that are created to ensure its quality by the electronic test industry. EMC Technologies knows this, and we go the extra mile to ensure that we achieve a real full-service contract custom design and manufacturing in its true meaning. Our…

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Custom Functional Test Division: Successful Functional Testing

Custom Functional Test Fixtures

While there are some situations where standard or generic functional test fixtures will do, in many cases a custom functional test is required. Functional testing is very important in product development and manufacturing. It is used to verify that the product is ready for release and validate that everything is working as it should. The…

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Wireless Functional Test Fixtures for Electronic Test Industry

Electronic Test Industry

From design validation through production testing, it is important to use functional test fixtures from the electronic test industry that are designed to support your products testing requirements. Manufacturers that use the right custom functional test or adapt automated test equipment to suit their needs, have the ability to bring products to the market faster…

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Test Systems & Integration: Mobile & Universal Test Stations

Mobile Universal Test Stations

The telecommunications industry demands test solutions that are highly flexible. They also require solutions that are cost-effective and easily adaptable. High-volume testing and complicated testing parameters are essential to the success of testing in the data and telecommunications industries. Other industries have similar requirements, yet are distinctly unique for mobile and universal test stations. For…

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Functional Test Fixtures & Solutions for the Medical Industry

Functional Test Fixtures Medical

Many different industries use functional test fixtures to ensure that their products and devices are produced effectively and efficiently. The medical industry relies on testing equipment to ensure quality medical devices. There are many different types of products that are used by physicians, technicians and other professionals who depend on quality products. In some cases,…

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Custom Design and Contract Manufacturing for ITAs and PCBs

Contact Manufacturing for ITAs and PCBs

One of the areas where we really excel is in the custom design and contract manufacturing for Interface Test Adapters (ITAs) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Our team of very experienced and trained technicians is capable of just about any type of ITA or PCB design and manufacturing. Design, fabrication, assembly, and testing, along with…

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Mobile, Test-Specific, and Universal Test Station Solutions

Universal Test Station

While used by many different industries, highly flexible test solutions are often required most by our data and telecommunications clients. Because of the changing technologies, these solutions need to be cost-effective and easily adaptable. Our clients use testing equipment for complicated and high-volume testing situations, including mobile, test-specific, and universal test station solutions. Each industry…

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Wireless Functional Testing: Custom Solutions for Industry

Wireless Functional Testing

Technology manufacturers all around the world rely on advancements made by the electronic test industry. It is used it for many different types of products. However, the fastest growing tech industry relies on wireless functional testing. Research and Development departments use functional test fixtures to test and measure their products to ensure quality design. While…

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