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Semiconductor Test: Innovative Mobile Test Station Solutions

Mobile Test Station

Some situations can benefit from turnkey solutions for integrated test systems and printed circuit board (PCB) custom design and manufacturing, while others require a little bit more. If you are unable to meet the needs of your semiconductor industry testing with one-size-fits-all testing equipment, consider custom test solutions through EMC Technologies. Our engineering team can…

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EMC Technologies: Military RF Functional Testing in the Field

Military RF Functional Testing

Today’s military relies heavily on communication and technology for life-and-death situations. Custom functional test tools are required to ensure that everything from radio frequency (RF) devices to power units are functioning correctly without failure in the field. The lives of soldiers and civilians can depend on the success of a product, which is why functional…

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Importance of Electronic Test Industry for Consumer Products

Electronic Test Industry

The electronic test industry plays a very essential role in the development and manufacture of consumer goods. Test stations are designed with wired and wireless functional test interface and fixtures to check the performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies. There are many testing options available, including mobile and universal test stations,…

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Automated Test Equipment: Adaptable Industry Test Solutions

Automated Test Equipment

The automated test equipment that we develop and manufacture at EMC Technologies is used across many different industries to provide test solutions that are adaptable and reconfigurable to reduce costs. The integration of various features, including interface test adapters (ITAs), device under test (DUT) interconnect, and software establishes a system that can execute specified testing…

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Advantages of Wireless Functional Testing in a Digital World

Wireless Functional Testing for Digital Electronics Industry

Functional test fixtures are used extensively by the electronics industry to measure analog voltages and currents in many different applications. While there are many industry standards that are used concerning the development of custom wireless functional testing, the ever-changing demands of consumer electronics require the use of flexible and adaptable universal test station equipment to…

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Electronic Test Industry: Custom Solutions for Medical Equipment

Electronic Test Industry

Many different industries rely on our custom functional test division to create solutions that will help them test their devices during in the lab, during production, and out in the field. We design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that are used for testing the performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs)…

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Interface Test Adapters: Industries Using Functional Testing

Interface Test Adapters for Military and Defense

Which industries rely the most on the electronic test industry? While some may be obvious, such as consumer electronics, others may be surprising. Custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters and functional test solutions is essential to the success of many different industries. Whether you require the use of a universal or mobile test…

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Choose the Best Service for Custom Functional Test Solutions

Custom Functional Test Solutions

Businesses that only require an “off the shelf” solution for functional test fixtures might not care where they purchase their functional test interface. However, if you work in an industry where custom test solutions are needed, you will want to be a bit more choosy. It pays to find a service that employs a team…

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Functional Test Fixtures: Why You Need a Reputable Provider

Functional Test Fixtures

Many different industries rely on custom test solutions through the use of functional test fixtures to ensure the quality of the products that they manufacture. Electronics, biomedical equipment, computers, and consumer products are just some of the industries that use a variety of testing applications to check performance and quality. Wired and wireless testing, in-circuit…

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Wired & Wireless Test Fixtures: Printed Circuit Board Testing

Printed Circuit Board Testing

In the development of custom printed circuit board (PCB) designs, no solution is complete until the testing phase is complete. While wired or wireless functional testing is a requirement for all configurations, regardless of the industry, it can be helpful to work with custom testing methods that better support the needs of the contract manufacturer.…

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