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21 Father DeValles Blvd. Ste. 202 MS#14 Fall River, MA 02723 [see map]

designing and manufacturing

wired and wireless functional test fixtures

meeting our customers’ stringent requirements in
innovation, fabrication, and time-to-market

Why you should choose EMC TEchnologies

Test Fixtures

Discrete wired and wireless functional test fixtures used for performance verification of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) and Electronic Assemblies.

UUT (unit under testing)

Product testing at first manufacture, during its life cycle, or as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration checks.

RF Fixtures

Robust. Precise. Repeatable. These are some of the words that come to mind when you hear about EMC’s cutting-edge RF test adapters.


Our machine shop includes CNC milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling equipment, sheet metal brakes and more.

PWB / PCB Designing

Our PWB / PCB designs can accommodate requirements from simple double-sided to complex multi-layer designs. Contact us for information.

Metal Fabrication

When your product testing needs require cutting, bending, and metal assembling processes, EMC experts can help you!

Speccon, Incorporated is a specialist in the design and manufacture of custom, spring-loaded contacts and receptacles.
Speccon offers complete in-house design services to meet your most exacting requirements.

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RF Functional Testing Solutions for Electronic Test Industry

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave test systems are used in certain industries for signal routing and conditioning. For RF functional testing, an interface unit is used to route the high frequency signals between the RF test instrumentation and the device under test (DUT). There are several different configurations for these switches, depending on the needs…

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Mobile vs Universal Test Station for Functional Test Fixtures

Custom design and manufacturing of functional test fixtures and test stations for industry provides a wide range of solutions for manufacturing and production test applications. Some of the work that we do is for military, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunications clients who are always searching for new solutions to ensure reliability, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness in testing…

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Today’s Industry-Specific Solutions for Custom Test Stations

We talk a lot about the custom test solutions that we develop at EMC Technologies in the way of functional test interface solutions, wireless functional testing, and testing for printed circuit board development. However, we also do a lot of work in the area of custom test stations, including mobile, universal, and test-specific requirements. The…

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EMC Technologies’ strength and competitive advantage lies in our cross-functional engineering team - an experienced group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and PCB Designers.

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